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10 mobile apps to create and edit videos

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10 mobile apps to create and edit videos

Mexico Mobile Database

It’s been a long time since Facebook made such a profound change in the design of the profiles as the one that now comes to our accounts.

Facebook has been with us for 16 years and, although throughout this time the design of our profiles has changed several times, perhaps this time we will notice it more.

Yesterday Facebook communicated to us on its official page this new design is faster, easier to use and they value the Dark Mode.

They promise new features, optimized for new devices and operating systems, and expanded into hundreds of languages. As they themselves tell us, Facebook had focused on the mobile experience, forgetting about the user experience on desktop devices.

With this new design the home page and page changes are faster and searches Mexico Mobile Database have been simplified to better find videos, games and groups.
By also enhancing the dark mode and screen brightness and wraparound design, the video viewing experience is enhanced.
The creation of events, pages, groups and Facebook ads has also been simplified. For example, we can have a preview in time of a new group that we are creating and visualize how it will look on mobile before creating it.
If you want to access and test the new version of Facebook, you just have to enter your profile page from your computer and click on the arrow. At the bottom you will see “Switch to a new version of Facebook”.

Once you click on Change to the new version, Facebook will welcome you

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On the next screen you can decide if you want light or dark mode. If you regret it, don’t worry because you can change it in settings.

Then they tell you that you can go back to the previous version, if you don’t like it, simply by pressing the arrow on the right.

And so you will see the new design in clear mode

The first thing you will see is that in the upper right you will have a search engine and icons now appear both in the center and on the right:

Home will take you to see your friends’ posts
Pages Here you will find all the pages that you manage and it will indicate if you have notifications or messages in each of them. You will also be able to see in the right column all the invitations that other users have made to their pages.
Watch Here you will find all the videos
switch to new facebook design

And then you will find the Groups
Icons on the right

First you will find your avatar that if you press it will take you to your profile
The positive sign that is Create where you can create pages, groups, ads …

The bell are Notifications and s
And on the date you will be able to send to Facebook your comments about the new version, settings and privacy, help and technical support, activate Dark Mode, switch to the previous version and log out.

Below the cover you will find Biography, Information, Friends, Photos, Your archive of Stories (that Brother Cell Phone List). By clicking on More you will see Videos, visit logs, sports, music, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games, Likes, Events, Questions, Opinions, Groups, Notes, you will also have access to Instagram and you can manage sections.

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In the next tab you can Edit your profile, where you can change the profile photo, the header or cover image, your bio, customize details, and highlights.
The next thing is that you will be able to see your account as the users who visit you will see it.
Then in the magnifying glass you can find information about your entire profile: publications, photos and any activity.
Finally, by clicking on the three points, you will be able to see the activity log and the biography settings.
I can only show you how Dark Mode looks

As you can see, Facebook brings a lot of changes to which as always we will have to get used to, but personally I like it, I think it is cleaner and easier to use.

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