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49% of managers in the food sector believe that the market situation will worsen in 2021

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49% of managers in the food sector believe that the market situation will worsen in 2021

The food sector is witnessing a transformation process fueled by the pandemic and dominated by a general sense of uncertainty. Sales, consumer habits, the future of companies and other issues are in suspense. With the intention of answering some of the questions that most torment the sector and clarify the incipient trends, McKinsey & Company and Eurocommerce have produced the report “

For the preparation of the study, the two companies have surveyed 48 managers of the food  Indian B2B Phone List   sector in Europe and more than 10,000 consumers in ten European countries.

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Economic and commercial balance of the sector

The general fear of shortages during confinement accelerated mass purchases. In total, during the first lockdown in March 2020, food sales in Europe increased by 20% on average. At the end of the year, the balance sheet was + 10% . Although the costs of the chains increased due to the need to introduce new hygiene  Usa B2B List  measures, the commercial benefits compensated the sector.

On the other hand, restrictions shaped consumer habits causing unprecedented growth in online sales. According to the report, the more restrictions, the more supermarket changes and more shopping online. In total, 6 out of 10 consumers changed their surface to stock up on food products or made online purchases.

4 key trends that will shape the future of the industry

McKinsey & Company and Eurocommerce have produced a series of predictions combining information obtained from both consumers and industry leaders on spending, preferences, supply and new channels. The trends identified are based on a common basis, which is the pressure retailers face when meeting growing demand, managing prices and dealing with the online channel, which has been unprofitable and complex until now. “The speed and magnitude of these changes will change the cards and create new winners and losers. Food retailers that take effective measures to cope with big changes, such as the growth of the online channel or the interest of consumers for healthy products, they have a unique opportunity to gain market share ”, points out Sebastián Gímenez, partner at McKinsey & Company.

Regarding Spain, Ignacio Marcos, partner at McKinsey & Company, comments: “Undoubtedly the current situation is generating new patterns at all levels and changing the way of working in all consumer sectors (…). A fter the sales rebound experienced by the “stockpiling” effect, its evolution is expected to stabilize and return to normal as the hotel and restaurant industry recovers and we reactivate consumption outside the home ”.

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