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60% of female marketers considered “divorcing” from their profession during the pandemic

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60% of female marketers considered “divorcing” from their profession during the pandemic

Women in the marketing arena have seen their careers turned upside down in recent months as a result of the . And it is that conciliation, already difficult in normal circumstances, has ended up China Phone Number List becoming a very important obstacle for the professional development of women who work in marketing.

According to a recent global LinkedIn study by 60% of marketers have left the industry or seriously considered doing so (both permanently and temporarily) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This is the highest figure of all the lines of business evaluated in your report by LinkedIn . Marketing is closely followed by the creative industry (57%) and finance (53%).

The research undertaken by LinkedIn, which has roots in more than 20,000 responses from different industries and different roles, also reveals that 42% of feel that the coronavirus has caused their careers to have taken steps backwards or has become on hold . Only women professionally Usa B2B List linked to finance (45%) and technology (50%) show even gloomier results on the table in this regard.

“The data tells a pretty grim story ,  emphasizes Ngaire Moyes, senior director of brand and communication at LinkedIn. “It seems that we are facing something from which it will take us a long time to recover. We must also bear in mind that when end up leaving their job, they cannot act as mentors for other less experienced women, ”he adds.

Nor have companies done their homework to stop the exodus of women during the pandemic

“ Entire communities are lost and all the progress sneaking up on those communities . When there are more women at work, when their quota is higher, it is easier for them to feel adequately represented and open the way for other women, ”says Moyes.

Although the pandemic has hit who work in the marketing industry particularly professionally , it has also done so in other sectors of activity. On a global scale, 49% of women consider that their professional career has regressed or suffered a stoppage as a result of COVID-19.

Along the same lines, more than a quarter of women complain that the companies that have them on payroll have not provided them with adequate support during the pandemic. And consequently 43% have thrown in the towel or have thought about leaving their job.

On average, women applied for 11% fewer jobs than men in the last twelve months.

From Moyes’s point of view, the pandemic has been the perfect storm for many women , forcing them to have to do real juggling to reconcile work, home care and home schooling. “Truly progressive companies have a duty to provide their employees with flexible work options,” Moyes emphasizes.

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