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Concept 100 Realty, Inc.

Adobe water repellents/seal, burnt, mud, asphalt and cement stabilized adobe repairs and consultations in Tucson and the southwest. Rammed Earth water repellents/sealers.

“Do it yourself” water repellents for your adobe and rammed earth walls.

Adobe Masters (520-331-4004) specialized in the repair and waterproofing of adobe homes in Tucson, Arizona. The owner, Roy Spears, began working on his first burnt adobe home in 1985. He also began research and development of water repellants specifically formulated for the unique characteristics of earthen materials, including rammed earth, leading to the manufacturing of a proprietary line of water repellents known as “Silox Adobe Water Repellents.” Click on these bolded words to be taken to the Silox page for ordering information.

Treating your adobe or rammed earth home with a speciality water repellent is one of the first safeguards against deterioration; many homeowners fail to realize the importance of this.  Another essential factor is applying the correct water repellent: one formulated for adobe and rammed earth.


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    Roy E Spears


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