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Adform ID solution achieves extraordinary results and increases publisher revenue

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Adform ID solution achieves extraordinary results and increases publisher revenue

the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing , shares its latest identity successes with publishers around the world, following the latest privacy news from Google. The introduction of the Adform ID solution is generating fantastic results , as publishers who have adopted the solution have seen revenue increase of up to 20%, which, in turn, has tripled the volume of clicks on Safari for publishers who activate first party IDs. These results are parallel to the success that advertisers are also achieving in the campaigns that they activate in the Safari traffic of these publishers : a 100% increase in click rates (CTR) and a 300% increase in cost-based purchases per click (CPC). Adform continues to collaborate with various publishing groups , globally, to rebuild the core of the programmatic identification system and deliver effective and personalized advertising at scale, while helping publishers make their inventory more attractive. This solution is the first real answer to how digital advertising will work after Google removes third-party cookies , as well as offering an alternative to the media giants. Jakob Bak, Co-Founder of Adform , comments: “ The recent announcement from Google does not mean the disappearance of IDs based on logins, nor of first-party cookies . Google’s support would have driven faster adoption of these IDs, but with the vast majority of publishers running header bidding and running multiple SSPs or direct DSP / PMP integrations, this announcement is not much of a change for the industry . Currently, a large part of publishers already use login IDs and first-party cookies solutions, many of them integrated  Croatia Phone Number List  with Adform’s ID solution. The result is that Google becomes less competitive against some SSPs and DSPs and actually strengthens some of the companies that support these IDs.

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Adform has successfully modified all areas of its product to facilitate a fully operational value chain , which has been shown to increase the performance of digital advertising without relying on third-party cookies . As the first Usa B2B List  independent and fully integrated advertising platform in the industry, with an end-to-end product stack, comprising an SSP, a DSP, an Ad Server and a DMP, Adform FLOW offers a totally flexible configuration, which allows transactions with all types of IDs without prejudice to one or the other. Adform FLOW is 100% transparent regarding technical costs, data costs, and media costs, as independently verified by PwC.

Sergio Martín, country manager for Adform in Spain , explains: “ Google’s announcement did not take us by surprise because it was something that had already been implied in different articles and interviews. Google has made it clear that it will not work with IDs, unlike what most of the market players will do, which is to continue offering advertisers and agencies the possibility of doing one-to-one marketing. One-to-one marketing, for companies like Adform, means continuing to offer buyers the possibility of applying frequency cappings, to be able to measure the interactions of users on their pages, to execute retargeting strategies, to save audience segments on their platforms and then impact them with personalized messages through DCO technology and, finally, to be able to measure the ROI of your investment in media through attribution models based on IDs and not aggregated. There are not only advantages for buyers, but also for sellers , that is, for the media; The media will be able to have much greater control and transparency over their inventory and audiences, and they will be able to make them profitable more efficiently, since the quality of their data will increase considerably as it is based on first-party IDs that, unlike the Third party cookies last much longer.Adform, along with other companies in the industry, is helping publishers become more competitive against what is known in the marketplace as “walled gardens .

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