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Attention: Sony confirmed that it works on a successor to the PlayStation 4

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Attention: Sony confirmed that it works on a successor to the PlayStation 4

Sony President Kenichiro Yoshida promised that there will be a successor to the Play Station 4. In an interview he said that they are working, but did not confirm whether it will be a fifth version or will have a disruptive format.
Sony is committed to launching a device that will be the successor to the Play Station 4 . That is sure. Next-generation hardware is “necessary,” said Japanese company president Kenichiro Yoshida.

While there are rumors in the industry about Belize Phone Number List Sony’s potential launch of a tablet that would connect to multiple devices, Yoshida confirmed in an interview with The Financial Times that they are working on a successor to the Play Station 4.

“At this point, what I can say is that you need to have next-gen hardware, ” Yoshida said, but he declined to formally name Sony’s future console “Play Station 5.” Nor did he say whether or not it will be a console.

His comments came after a growing debate about how Sony should address the growth of the global gaming market for smartphones, a market that will imply about $ 70 billion this year.

While Sony’s move to succeed the PS4 is speculated on, rumors surfaced that the Japanese firm might be planning to launch a tablet that would connect to multiple devices, achieving a never-before-seen synergy between its games.

The Sony CEO’s statements come when Microsoft said on Monday that it would begin public testing of Project xCloud in 2019 to allow players to play on different platforms.

Kenichiro Yoshida
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One market that Sony hasn’t exploited yet (and everything indicates that it would be late) is esports, which draws its power from a global audience estimated at about 165 million people who watch online broadcasts of professionals who play. at the highest level.

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Industry analysts believe Sony is looking to rectify that through its next console.

Since the PS4 went on sale in 2013, it has sold more than 80 million units, making it the best-selling console for Sony.

For Kazunori Ito, an analyst at the research firm Ibbotson Associates Japan, the Play Station 4 has even more life and “it is likely that Sony will seek to use it as long as possible.”

Beyond insisting on the formula that worked for it, as part of change decisions, the company said it will open the popular Fortnite Battle Royale game so that Sony PS4 players can compete with Fortnite players on other platforms. The move Phone Number List will mark a sea change for Sony, which has always insisted that games should be played exclusively on its platform to ensure the quality of the gaming experience.

The video game industry represents a market of more than $ 82 billion worldwide. Sony knows it, just as it knows that so far in 2018, Nintendo Switch approached its PlayStation 4 in sales .

On September 19, Sony announced that it will launch the PlayStation Classic, a mini PS One that will come with 20 preloaded games and will launch on December 3 at an approximate price of $ 100.

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