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Battle between Facebook and TikTok is behind a political move?

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Battle between Facebook and TikTok is behind a political move?

The battle begins on social networks, Facebook closes Lasso (copy of TikTok) and launches Reels in more countries to return to imitate TikTok.

For once it seems that Mark Zuckerberg this time the copy has not worked . To the empire of the group Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, the game that has been brought so far is getting complicated and much with TikTok.Italy Mobile Database

Throughout these years we have seen how Facebook systematically copied the functionalities of other social networks to attract new users. The most flagrant case was that of Snapchat, a network that prevailed among the youngest and that Mark wanted to buy. By not reaching an economic agreement from Facebook, they decided to copy most of its functionalities and implement them on Instagram and finally managed to prevent users from migrating from Instagram to Snapchat and also rescued those who felt happy on Snapchat, but were forced to change network as they are abandoned by the rest of the users.

Reels the new Instagram TikTok

But this time it seems that everything has gone wrong for the giant Facebook.

Despite the desperate attempts to discredit TikTok both in international media, as well as governments such as the US that brand the Chinese network as a threat to National Security (prohibiting the use of the platform by its army, employees transport administration and all officials), and despite the fact that in recent days India has banned the use of TikTok, as well as other Chinese networks (curiously inviting TikTok users to switch to Instagram), TikTok al less for now, it defends itself and stands up, with its more than 2,000,000 million downloads and close to a million users totally devoted day by day and fascinated by this network of short videos.

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Facebook throws in the towel on one side and closes Lasso, the application that it created as a photocopy of TikTok and launched in different countries to try to take away the hegemony of the Chinese platform but does not abandon and now the cavalry of Facebook with Reels arrives , of which I spoke to you in different posts, this time to continue copying TikTok but from Instagram.

Battle TikTok, Facebook, Instagram
A battle is raging for the success of TikTok that causes Instagram to lose users

We have been saying for many months that Facebook was clearing the ground for the growth of TikTok, a network that offers users hundreds of possibilities for their creatives, that facilitates the creation of videos, that contains filters, stickers, text timers, transitions … in So I can imagine how difficult it must be to integrate all this on Instagram. But also what they are desperately trying to do is attract users of a network that previously had thousands of children and adolescents, but that every day has more adults enjoying, teaching and learning on TikTok and many of them come from Instagram.

If in addition to all this we add that Instagram users Italy Mobile Database are tired of the little, almost zero, interactivity, the lack of visibility of organic publications (you have to pay for them to see you) and the amount of advertising that assails us each day in the chronologies and in stories … well, perfect storm and they fear that there will soon be a massive flight.

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In addition, politics, fake news and hate speech have done a lot of damage to Facebook (like other social networks), which have also dedicated themselves to censoring the publications of thousands of users, completely skewing the information. This has made Facebook lose a lot of credibility, many advertising contracts (more than 100 major brands have already stopped advertising on the platform) and, above all, users no longer feel free and comfortable to share whatever they want, because their content can be censored instantly.

Isn’t it at least curious that just now that Facebook is losing its audience (in the latest IAB social media study it is no longer the first, it is the third behind WhatsApp and Instagram) and that brands just now that they have decided to stop doing advertising on Facebook, start the orchestrated stream of discrediting of TikTok by the media especially the Brother Cell Phone List Americans? Even Anonymous warns users on Twitter not to use this platform claiming that the Chinese spy on us…. this but:

And don’t the rest of the tech giants spy on us? Just yesterday it was published that Facebook has again shared user data with more than 5,000 applications “accidentally” . It is curious that the same people who turn TikTok green silence Facebook data leaks or that users are being censored over and over again on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. It is also curious that last year an attempt was made to discredit Huawei by accusing the company of espionage without any proof. Anyway …

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For its part, YouTube does not want to be left behind in this unbridled race to attract TikTok users and for this it is testing the 15-second videos on the platform, but in a much more transparent way.

The battle of social networks is served.

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