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Clubhouse launches “Creator First” to help creators

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Clubhouse launches “Creator First” to help creators

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Clubhouse continues to innovate and update the application with new functionalities, among others we already have available the links to our accounts and clubs , but also yesterday at the Twonhall that they usually keep live on Sundays, they announced Creator First , an accelerator program designed to help Aspiring Clubhouse creators to have conversations , build their audience and monetize their work on this platform.

Due to the fragmentation of audiences on different social platforms, there is a new trend in social networks where not only do they make money with our time and our data, but they have understood that for users to continue being their goodwill (no Let’s forget that the networks live off us) they have to pay our time and content directly or indirectly to retain us.

We have already seen how YouTube, Twitch or TikTok have been launching different initiatives so that users can monetize their videos or broadcasts, now Clubhouse takes a first step with Creator First.

To submit the application, you just have Australia Mobile Database to enter this link and fill out a questionnaire where you will have to answer:

Clubhouse User
Country of origin
Media where you create content
Number of users in your communities
Your Club (if activated)
Do you have any cohosts? In your case you have to define who is what you do (Includes your social networks)
Program and format you want to develop
Include the recording of one of your programs (Brother Cell Phone List)
Creative summary of your program
Next, you must choose which tools would be useful to improve your Clubhouse experience and your programs
Topics you usually talk about in your shows
Then you can include any questions or suggestions
If you are interested in being part of the program, do not forget to send your application. It is true that in Clubhouse there are already millions of users and only 20 creators will be accepted in Club First, but why aren’t you going to be one of them. The term will be open until March 31, 2021.

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Also keep in mind that the Spanish Marketing Club is going to be presented with a huge amount of content that the members of the Club itself are already creating every day. All the information, in case you want to join, will be shared in the different information rooms that have been created.

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