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Common, Unilabs and Inno & Brain design a solution to safely reactivate large events

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Common, Unilabs and Inno & Brain design a solution to safely reactivate large events

company specialized in transformation solutions for the healthcare sector;  , a leading diagnostics company in Europe; and  , a company specialized in the field of care and clinical management; have designed a solution to gradually reactivate cultural and social life , allowing the capacity to be increased at large events that, until now, suffered from the restrictions caused by Covid-19.

The initiative, a pioneer in Spain and Europe, brings together under the same technological platform the analytical-clinical, logistics and data processing capabilities provided by the three companies , to offer a solution that guarantees the health and safety of all attendees, At the same time, it responds to the needs of businessmen in the sector, providing them with a security and control solution Cambodia Phone Number List   before, during and after the event.

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Esteban Gebhard, Common’s consulting partner , explained: “ This solution is going to provide an important and necessary economic boost to the hard-hit events sector , as well as to other ancillary  Usa B2B List  business segments. With this initiative, we will be able to return to normality in the social and leisure activity of the population, which has suffered constant restrictions in the last year ”.

For his part, Rainiero Holgado, Managing Director of Unilabs Spain , stated: “As a leading provider of diagnostics, we are committed to being able to contribute to the return to normalcy, and to support cultural activity. Through the reliability and security that our tests provide, and thanks to the expertise of our partners, we will be able to offer a safe and controlled service ”.

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From Inno & Brain, Javier Pardo, doctor and CEO of the company , has highlighted: “The value of this solution for reactivating large events is its comprehensive approach. We do not focus on a single phase of the process but we constantly monitor before, during and after. Before, with the performance of a previous antigenic test; during, with the technology that allows recording risk contacts; and later, with the clinical assessment through the virtual hospital ”.

A phased control protocol to ensure the health and safety of all attendees

The initiative, supported through the Common Virtual Hospital solution (a technological platform that manages the clinical information of patients in an encrypted way) and with national and international coverage , responds to all security and anti-Covid-19 control needs. that are required before, during and after an event. 

The protocol, controlled during all phases of the event, would be as follows:

  1. Each ticket (purchased with phone number, name, surname, ID and email) will be associated with a barcode that will allow identification and access to the event , through the app of the same. Each ticket will be numbered and will be assigned a time slot to attend the event.
  2. Once there, before starting the event, attendees must undergo an antigen test carried out by Unilabs , the result of which will be communicated to them fifteen minutes later through the app. Until the reception of the result, the spectator will remain in a waiting area. 
  3. If the result is positive, the protocol will be activated in these cases : home isolation will be recommended and the case will be notified to Public Health.
  4. If the result is negative, the spectator will be able to access the venue . At the entrance you will be provided with a new mask and a bracelet equipped with bluetooth technology , which will be in charge of registering, anonymously and reliably, throughout the event, all the contacts with whom you are within a distance of less than 1.5 meters.
  5. If in the 72 hours after the event, a spectator communicates to the Virtual Hospital that he has tested positive for Covid-19, it would be the platform itself that would identify the risk contacts and would be in charge of automatically communicating this incident to the people who were inside of the perimeter of personal distance, in order to undergo a new test.
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