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Companies with values: who is helping # COVID-19

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Companies with values: who is helping # COVID-19

I think it is time to honor the name of this blog “Luces y Sombras de las Marcas” and take the opportunity to value LAS LUCES with all the involvement and help of all those companies that are involved and providing their help to the population, either with necessary materials such as masks, gowns, mattresses, pillows, food … or with economic means to help research this terrible virus.Netherlands Mobile Database

Surely there will be many more companies that are collaborating than the ones I list here, so if you want you can leave your contributions in the comments to incorporate them into this post that I hope will go so that we never forget what really happens when things get complicated.

Before starting with the list of companies, we will never forget the enormous Netherlands Mobile Database effort made by all health personnel throughout Spain (especially in those Autonomous Communities where the virus is preying on the population), State Security Forces and Bodies, pharmacists , cashiers, supermarkets replenishers, bus drivers, subway drivers, farmers, grocery stores, bakeries, tobacconists, officials who work in the shade … as well as all the professionals from different specialties who have participated in the start-up of the hospital IFEMA campaign in record time and other hospitals throughout Spain


COCA COLA and bottlers donate more than 120 million euros
GRUPO CINFA donates 1.4 million euros to combat the coronavirus crisis
UNILEVER d ona 100 million against the coronavirus , is released to produce disinfectants and anticipates payments to suppliers
INDITEX: Amancio Ortega’s donation already exceeds 63 million euros
LEGO: Donate 50 million euros
ENDESA creates a fund of 25 million euros and provides infrastructure material and equipment.
BBVA donates 25 million euros
FERROVIAL Creates a fund with an initial contribution of 10 million euros
TIKTOK Social Network donates 10 million dollars to WHO for vaccine research
BANCO DE SANTANDER donates 4 million euros to Madrid health services plus another million euros to buy masks.
L’OREAL donates 1 million euros and manufactures disinfectant gels
RICE SOS donates 1 million euros
JB donates 1 million euros to hoteliers
MAPRE FOUNDATION donates € 600,000 in medical supplies for residences for the elderly and social entities
T ELEFÓNICA € 500,000 to shelter the homeless and 13,000 volunteers for virtual, telephone or digital assistance to help the Red Cross. Also free gigs for users.
PROCTER & GAMBLE. Donate € 500,000 for the Red Cross digital product
FACEBOOK donates $ 100 million and 720,000 masks
CANTABRIA LABS starts up to manufacture units of sanitizing hydroalcoholic gels for healthcare personnel
VODAFONE AND PEPEPHONE: gigas free for the coronavirus
MUTUA MADRILEÑA 65,000 masks and 20,000 rapid tests
IBERDROLA h to make a purchase of medical equipment valued at 22.1 million euros, including respirators, medical suits and masks
SEAT: Manufactures respirators on its Martorell assembly lines
GROUP LVMH ( Brother Cell Phone List) to adopt three of its perfume factories in laboratories to create hand sanitizer gel, which it will donate to hospitals
NIVEA donates 5,000 daily bottles of hydroalcoholic solution
MADIA MARKT Donate its entire stock of 3D printers
MANGO two million masks for hospitals
MAYORAL, which has donated 3,000 special individual protection suits, 10,000 gloves and 20,000 masks
LEO Pharma has announced the donation of drugs from its formulary to treat dermatological complications of healthcare personnel in their fight against Covid-19.
IKEA, EL CORTE INGLÉS and CARREFOUR donate bedding for the IFEMA hospital
MAKRO : Donation of products to the Madrid Health Service
ROOM MATE HOTELS, MELIA, CATALONIA HOTELS AND PALLADIUM P Onen available to their hotels for the Health medicalizarlos
LEROY MERLIN collaborates in the manufacture of more than 45,000 protective screens
PERNOD RICARD is offered to manufacture disinfectant gels
GRUPO FUERTES Aemedsa (Mediterranean Special Oils) has provided one hundred grade III chemical suits and biological resistance to the Intensive Care Unit of the Santa Lucía Hospital in Cartagena.
TAYMORY the Spanish company that goes from manufacturing sportswear to opening gowns and masks
E l Group Restoration and Plastics Durex Gonzalo Salamanca donate 5,000 screens protection against coronavirus.
MERCADONA Reactivates product donations to social entities
VOLVO have given their cars and two drivers to various hospitals in Madrid to facilitate the daily transfer of doctors, nurses, respirators and medical supplies. They have made masks and donated covers for the ambulance seats.
JEALSA donates 2,250 cans of tuna to the Red Cross
CESUGA prints 3D visors for the staff of the 061 and the Model Hospital of A Coruña
VALEO MARTOS produces an injection mold in record time for visors for the protection of doctors and nurses
HOSTELEROS from Madrid and Barcelona cook free for health personnel

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