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Episode 8 of La Noche MD: Why does marketing have a negative connotation?

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Episode 8 of La Noche MD: Why does marketing have a negative connotation?

MarketingDirecto.com yesterday organized a with experts in marketing and advertising. One more Thursday night, our media gathered the sector in the fashion social network, this time to talk about the bad? marketing reputation .


This episode of La Noche MD was joined by professionals such as Gaby Castellanos , CEO & Founder of socialphilia; Daniel Brand , founder and director of EMOTE Branding; Marcos F. Cardanha , Head of Digital & Transmedia at thinketers; Pancho Cassis , Partner and Global Chief Creative Officer of DAVID; Ana Castro , Media & Connections Director Western Europe at The Coca-Cola Company; and Diana Gavilán , communication expert.

Majé López , dream manager and communication expert; Sergio Martín , journalist for RTVE; and Javier Piedrahita , CEO and Founder of MarketingDirecto.com, were in charge of leading the session.


Ángel Gabilondo saying in a spot ‘I am not a marketing politician’ was the starting point of the debate that Sergio Martín, Javier Piedrahita and Majé López wanted to put on the table this week. What do we think of when we hear marketing? Why does this negative connotation accompany the sector? How do consumers see this discipline? Ultimately, why does marketing sell so badly? These were some of the questions that Sergio asked attendees.


«Why in the surveys do we come out almost the last, behind the tax inspectors or next to them? Why do we have that image? Have we done something wrong? «Javier Piedrahita said by way of introduction.

Diana Gavilán pointed  Denmark Phone Number List   out that “the word marketing is completely synonymous with influence, and when Gabilondo says” I am not a marketing politician “what he is saying is that he does not want to influence you, because the concept of” influence “has a bad press, it’s like if you want people to do things they don’t want to. That idea stigmatizes us as a profession. But the expert stressed that from influence to manipulation “there is a jump.”

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In his first speech, Daniel Brand focused on the definition of marketing or, rather, on “what marketing is not”. ” Marketing is not advertising. It is not communication. It is not branding. It is not just creativity. This is not to say half truths. It is not creating needs . In short, it is not selling smoke, and I think that when Gabilondo  Usa B2B List  says what he says, he is working on a perception rooted in society.

“Selling smoke as a great headline makes me sad, because I understand that behind Gabilondo there is a marketing team and they are throwing stones on their own roof . Besides, I think it is a somewhat unsuccessful strategy, you want to tell me that you don’t sell smoke but you can see that you are reading, ”said Pancho Cassis.

For Ana Castro, “marketing is nothing more than cultivating brands and that is something very big, brands are a commitment that you acquire with people and when you make a commitment you cannot fail people. We innovate, we care about the quality of the products and we move the economy. If I have learned something in my years in the profession, it is that marketing works, that it moves the economy and that drives society forward.

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