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Expense Expectations Fall About half of those surveyed

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Expense Expectations Fall About half of those surveyed

(around 40%) have suffered financial losses at home after COVID-19. In parallel, the Spanish have experienced an increase in bills to pay. Against this background, spending expectations have dropped considerably. In the case of Spain, 56% of those surveyed expect to reduce their consumption and only 16% say they will increase it. Vienna bombing: agencies could turn off the advertising tap on the most sensationalist media The coverage of the Vienna attack , which left five fatalities and several injured on November 2 in the Austrian capital, has  uae numbers for sale  degenerated into steely against some media in the Central European country. And after some advertisers have determined to stop their advertising in the media that reported more controversial and tabloid about the event, some agencies are also considering an eventual boycott.

Particularly controversial have been the reports on the attack published by oe24.tv and the tabloid Österreich , which have been confronted with not a few criticisms on social networks.

Michael Kapfer, managing director of the agency MulleLowe, has called on his colleagues through Facebook to cancel the advertising campaigns in both  UAE Phone Number Database  media (belonging to the Fellner group) until after Christmas. ” The change is in our hands by canceling advertising budgets in this type of media , which are governed solely and exclusively by the rule of profits and whose greed we should stop being accomplices”, asserts Kapfer.

Several advertisers have already turned their backs on oe24.at and oe24.tv Something more restrained is Lukas Leitner, partner and managing director of the Cayenne Wien agency. “ I think we should let the market decide . The success of the media is determined by readers, listeners, viewers and their reach, and not by another page or two of advertising. And if the target of the brands, products and companies with which we collaborate can be reached in the most efficient way possible, regardless of the channels, we should place their campaigns there. This is what we usually call media strategy and planning, ”he stresses.

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For their part, several important advertisers have already announced the cancellation of their campaigns on oe24.at in response to the controversial videos about the attack that were published in this newspaper. Two prominent supermarket chains, Billa and Spar, announced the cancellation of their campaigns in this medium through Twitter.

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