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Gong Day online event arrives to explore the therapeutic power of sound

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Gong Day online event arrives to explore the therapeutic power of sound

Gong Day is a great event that will be held online on November 28, to spread the power of sound, especially GONG, to improve our lives, help us in the process of inner transformation and enjoy a full life.Costa-Rica Mobile Database

A group of experts specialized in neuroscience, music, voice, astrology, sound therapy and gong will share with us some of their transformation tools.

His predecessor, Vikrampal Singh, is a sound therapist and is helping many, many people to heal through sound. He collaborates in several hospitals with these techniques so that the patients improve.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, many companies and entrepreneurs that had not yet been digitally transformed have had to adapt to new circumstances, in order to reach their customers and also be Costa-Rica Mobile Database able to get their message across to many more people, which is what which ultimately allows us all to globalize the Internet.

One of these cases has been Vikrampal, who in 2012 left the university and the business world, to enter the spiritual path from Yoga and Sound Therapy. From 2013 to the beginning of 2020 everything was success and international expansion. His schedule was filled for the following 12 months, but from March 13, 2020 all trips and face-to-face training were canceled.
Gong day event millennial therapies, yoga, meditation, stress, spirituality

He had planned for next November 28, a face-to-face event to bring together Gong lovers in Spain. Sharing a day with people who like sound therapy and yoga, where I was going to do several dynamic workshops in person to deepen and explore the power of sound, neuroscience, bowls, shamanic drums, astrology and … a lot of live gong.
But the second wave of Covid-19 again prevented him from meeting all those who really wanted to learn about these therapies and with tears, he had to cancel the rental of the room.

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But technology opens up new worlds for us and in this case, social networks served as a vehicle for us both to get in touch. Discovering a new world from a millenary therapy meant for us and Vikrampal the new opportunity to go digital accompanied by our team of mentors, creating the possibility of launching their programs online and now holding this event virtually, to reach thousands of people around the world, because there is a digital opportunity for any analog or face-to-face business .

As I have told you many times in this blog, it is certainly better Brother Cell Phone List to do it than not to do it. better to open up to new paths than to maintain mental schemes of the past, better to adapt to new technologies than to complain.

Like many other companies and entrepreneurs, Vikrampal has had to re-sell, adapt to the new reality and luckily we have managed to shape this super event, where there will also be a draw for a Gong Paiste and many other surprises that this multidisciplinary team has prepared for all the people who are going to attend.

The best thing is that the power of the sound of the gong is of great help to overcome episodes of crisis, anxiety, stress and enter states of deep relaxation, something that I think we all need in these difficult times that we are living.
Thanks to digitization, the Gong Day now online has gone from summoning the Gong family of Spain, to summoning the entire Gong family of the world.

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