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Google joins the Stories bandwagon

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Google joins the Stories bandwagon

The Stories of the social networks are short audiovisual content with a validity of only one day . These are used to share messages or moments, and have begun to be very successful in recent years among users of social networks. 

Both on Instagram and on Poland Phone Number List Facebook, Snapchat or even WhatsApp, stories have been gaining prominence to become essential. And it is that its effectiveness has been unbeatable . Something that traditional publications did not always achieve, to hook followers and thus retain customers , has been possible thanks to this tool. This success is due to the fact that, in general, network users prefer to consume a short content with which they will not waste too much time.

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Google could not be left behind, and that is why it has joined the bandwagon of Stories and has fully committed to this type of content that leads to higher conversions and better results. Thanks to these new  you will be able to attract traffic to your website in a much more efficient way . And, this new format offers Usa B2B List numerous advantages.

Provide visibility by appearing in Discover

hen Google Web Stories, you will appear on sites like Google News and Google Discover, something that opens up many paths. 

Google Discover can generate a large number of visits to your website . Getting to appear here means having a considerable increase in traffic on your page. 

This Google function is based on the interests of the users and their visit history. This results in that, for those users who have searched Google for a certain topic, Google Discover will show the result and a related topic, with the publication of a website in card format.

By configuring your stories according to Google’s guidelines, you will be able to appear for users both in this Discover section and in the search by keywords.

The great potential of appearing on Discover, since it has millions of daily users, will lead to a high volume of traffic that will have a direct impact on your website. 

Generate a good brand image

Thanks to Google Web Stories you will be able to generate a good brand image. The best way to generate a good brand image is to engage your audience , and Web Stories play an essential role in this task. shows you everything you need to know about this new Google feature in order to get the most out of it.

Google Web Stories allows us to publicize our most important content, including elements such as raffles, photographs, videos, boomerangs, infographics … In this way you can define your style and give your brand your own voice , using creatives that suit it and your identity. Web Stories are a fun way to bring your profile to life. In addition, it is a closer and more personal content , which is always more attractive to users. Thanks to Google Web Stories you can tell stories about your products or services that are the most striking , and therefore sell.

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