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How can digital marketing evolve for lawyers in 2017?

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How can digital marketing evolve for lawyers in 2017?

At this point, a lot has been written about the trends of general digital marketing throughout 2017. There is talk, in general, of the explosion of live video, of a more real content strategy in each of the marketing plans in the different brands, video marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.

But little is said about  i need a uk phone number  the role that these trends will play in the different niche markets. The problem that exists is that the large amount of content on digital marketing is not focused on any specific market niche. Specifically in the legal sector, there are many trends that, in general, could be considered as having high potential:

Virtual reality This perhaps is a revolutionary factor that acts independently of the degree of advancement that “justice” has in a given country. In Spain, for example, we have been implementing Lexnet for more than a year in the communication system between lawyers / attorneys and the different courts; however, this system also has areas for improvement, and a long way to go.

Virtual reality, as something different from what is described above, will allow legal professionals to hold any type of meeting anywhere in the world with any of their clients. It will be something like overcoming the mere web meeting system that different platforms such as Skype currently  UK Phone Number Database  offer us. There are already some software packages that allow this type of applications: AltspaceVR and VTime.

Audiovisual 360
This type of audiovisual format, even if it is collateral, also has a possible application in the legal environment. Either as a legal proof format, or as a promotional means of the office; This may be something new as a way to stand out from the large number of lawyers in the market.

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It is important to note that there are already several software and hardware manufacturers that are making it possible for different amateur producers to be able to produce content in this format.

Marketing Live In this case I mean both the podcast format and live streaming in video form.

Regarding the latter, the success of video, as a type of content, is already a reality. Platforms such as YouTube and others that have incorporated video as a preferred tool such as Facebok or Twitter is further proof that the power of video is here to stay. Perhaps the legal sector should take note and think about how the information in this support can be adapted to its different online marketing strategies. But it is also important to bear in mind that the final consumer of this type of content is going to be your potential customer, so it will be very important to add value through this technique.

The live streaming of the hand of platforms such as Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter, will allow throughout 2017, that the different firms can transfer their training content instantly with their audience live. This will make the emotional bond much greater than in the case of recorded video.

Podcasting, a phenomenon already widely introduced in the United States, is beginning to be all the rage in Spanish-speaking countries. The power that the spoken word has allows to build a very strong emotional bond with the listener. Likewise, this type of format allows it to be consumed anywhere and at any time.

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