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How the TikTok algorithm works

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How the TikTok algorithm works

Today TikTok surprises us by officially informing us about the parameters that the platform follows so that the videos are displayed, appear and recommended in the chronology, TimeLine of the users, or “For You”, as it is commonly known among tiktokers.Ivory-Coast Mobile Database

The big difference of TikTok with the rest of social networks is that it works with quite advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), so that little by little they know the user’s tastes and according to the way you behave in this social network it will show you some content or others.

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Below I detail what this social network takes into account when displaying content and therefore ensuring that our videos have more or less visibility:

User interests
When we open an account on TikTok one of the things we have to indicate are our interests, that is, if we like fashion, cooking, music, medicine, animals, marketing, technology, nature … This will be one of the first clues that we give to the platform to teach us the type of content that we have selected

Users we follow.
As is logical, they will show us the publications of users we follow, although Ivory-Coast Mobile Database it is true that if we follow many users it will be impossible to see what all of them publish.

When we interact with a publication, either by clicking like, commenting or sharing, we are telling TikTok that we like those content, therefore it will show us more content from this user.

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Video information: Subtitles, hashtags, sounds and hashtags
If we use a series of hashtags, they will show us content similar to the hashtags that we have selected, in the same way the subtitles help the platform to position our content and show it to those who may be interested. Sounds also play a role.

Device, account, language and country settings.
It will be easier for them to show us content in our language and also in our country.

New contents Bubble Filter (“Filter Bubble”)
By optimizing personalization and relevance, there may come a time when our videos are homogeneous, that is, we see only content on this topic. Therefore, if they only taught us content on that subject, we would be very limited, so TikTok talks about “Diversity” and it will also show us new content that has had a lot of impact, just in case they may also interest us and it will also show us content from new users in case we want to expand our network.

Normally TikTok does not show you two videos in a rowBrother Cell Phone List from the same creator or that have the same music or content that you have previously seen. Of course, it is possible that they recommend a video that has been liked by users with the same interests.

If a user has viewed an entire video, the platform will understand that we liked that content, therefore the viewing time of the videos will also have an impact on how much, how and to whom it is shown.

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Video is review
The videos that are in review if they have shocking content such as medical procedures or consumption of regulated products are shown in a more restricted way only for those users who have indicated in their interests that this type of content interests them.

Everything that TikTok considers spam or if a user is detected with an artificial increase in traffic will not be shown and will even be penalized. This last case refers to the techniques of follow unfollow and the purchase of followers that unfortunately has also reached TikTok.

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