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How to contact Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, or Tik Tok in 2020

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How to contact Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, or Tik Tok in 2020

Today I share with you how you can contact Linkedin, Instagram and Tik Tok if you have a problem with your accounts.

If we review how social networks have behaved throughout 2019, we all agree that there are three platforms that have stood out from the rest in use, number of users and new functionalities: Instagram, Linkedin and the Tik Tok earthquake.

When we use the platforms a lot, it is when we find problems in profiles and pages and there is nothing more desperate than not being able to contact customer service, usually they usually send us to the question page where we hardly find the solution and where appropriate, when for we finally got a way to connect. the most irritating thing is that they don’t answer us.

contact Twitter


In recent months I have had to contact the three social networks and the truth is that I have to say that Linkedin’s customer service is outstanding. The almost immediate response, very friendly and solution in a few hours.

In the case of Tik Tok, the response was also immediate , and they tried to solve my problem by holding a series of conversations until everything was fixed.

Another topic is Instagram because waiting for an answer is almost impossible, but Facebook has us used to it. The giant Facebook has a magnificent sales team to serve customers who need help, but if it comes to South-Korea Mobile Database problems of a particular user, it is another story. You also have to understand that a social network that has more than two billion users has a difficult time answering everyone who has a question or problem.

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Here is how to connect with each of these social networks if you have a problem. Of course, my recommendation is that you do not go through these means to ask questions that Google can answer through its search engine, but really to try to solve an important problem that happens to one of your accounts.


You can contact Linkedin in two ways

Through the Linkedin chat on your Facebook account , if you use this channel it must always be in English.



I have tried the Tik Tok service in Spanish and without problems. The button is directly in the same application:

Enter Tik Tok and press the three dots that appear at the top right of the screen.
In Help, click on “ report a problem” .
When you enter a lot of questions appear with an answer, but if you don’t find any that resembles yours, click at the bottom “I still have a problem” and from there you can write and send the problem you have with your account and add an image.
Tik Tok Tutorial

In my case at least in less than 24 hours I received the answer Brother Cell Phone List to my problem and how I could not solve it they kept in contact until we could solve it.



In Instagram you can activate the “shake the mobile” mode to report a problem with the account. Yes yes, you read that right. You just have to activate it and when you shake your mobile you will see a new screen where it appears:

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Something does not work
General comments
Spam or abuse
Deactivate “Shake”
Click on the action you want to solve and wait to see if you are lucky and they will solve it for you.

South-Korea Mobile Database
You can also use this functionality on Facebook. Just shaking your phone, but in this case they send you to the Help Desk where you can go crazy trying to find where to explain your problem.

Contact Instagram

In my case a few weeks ago the Music stickers option disappeared from my personal Instagram account, so I cannot share my stories with Instagram music using this functionality, so I have to do it with other external applications. I have reported the problem several times by shaking the phone and, for the moment at least, I still do not have the functionality but I do not lose hope that one day they will listen and solve it.


In any case, I leave you a post by Amel Fernández where he gives us a few options to connect with Facebook , so try them all before giving up.

And another post by Manuel Moreno where he tells us how to connect with Facebook through WhatsApp

In case you need to connect with Twitter because your account has been suspended, I leave you THIS POST where you will find how to do it, but if you have any other problem with Twitter, you will also find all the contact links HERE

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