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How to create a new location on Instagram for your posts

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How to create a new location on Instagram for your posts

Today I am going to tell you how you can create a new location to geolocate your Instagram posts.

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Have you created a new location for your posts?

If you use Instagram often, you will know that when you share an image or a video in a publication it is very important that you include hashtags related to the image or the text, especially when you do not have many followers, but it is also important to add a location since With this simple gesture, you will achieve a greater reach since geolocated publications are also shown in location searches.

Normally, when we click on “add location” in an update and we have geolocation activated, the places we are looking for are found by default, but there are times when we would like to be able to geolocate a specific place that does not appear, we simply want to include the name of our company or we would simply like a suggestive name that we have invented to appear and of course, if we have not created it, it will not appear in the results.


To solve this problem, you can create a new location and thus geolocate Brother Cell Phone List your publications exactly in the place and with the name that you want.

You will not be able to create new locations directly on Instagram, but you will be able to do it from your Facebook profile or professional page, since as the two networks are connected, all Facebook locations by default are reflected in Instagram searches.

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These are the steps you have to follow to create a new location:

Enter from your mobile to Facebook
Select the App of your profile or the one of pages
Upload an image or video
Before publishing, click on the register visit icon
In the upper search engine, include the name you want to register
Imagine that you want to put a location that you want to geolocate as “ Singapore Mobile Database ”. It is possible that the same name appears but in another location that does not interest you

To register the location “Paradise” in the place you are, slide the screen down and at the end of all the results you will find “Add Paradise from Cadiz” to the place where you are.
When you write the name you want to register, these category options will appear:

Create new Instagram location

Select for fun if it is an invented place for example “Cadiz Paradise” and any of the other options if it fits more to a real address that you want to register.

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