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How to create your Instagram Collage in 9 images # TopNine2020

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How to create your Instagram Collage in 9 images # TopNine2020

As every year at this time we can already download for free our # TopNine2020 , a collage with the summary of our 9 best Instagram posts during 2020 , that is, those contents that we have shared that have had the highest number of likes and commentsCameroon Mobile DatabaseThe Top Nine trend started in 2016, as a simple tool to review and relive the best Instagram posts of each user. Since then, Top Nine has become one of the biggest trends on the Internet (link to Google trends here) .

How to make TopNine2020

The new Top Nine tool is now on the CreatorKit platform

This year you won’t find the Top Nine tool on TopNine.co , where Cameroon Mobile Database it has been since 2016, because now Top Nine is now part of the CreatorKit platform.

CreatorKit is a video editor with video and story templates for social media. Top Nine has been added to the CreatorKit platform to allow users to use the CreatorKit video editor to create videos with their top nine photos and videos of 2020.

Another of the things for which it was decided to carry out the change, was the existence Brother Cell Phone List of many platforms and applications that imitated Top Nine and pretended to be them to steal user accounts, which represented a risk for their security and Privacy.

TopNine Publicius one to ARNING against false applications . These users were unknowingly using a fake copy of Top Nine.

How can you create your Top Nine collage safely?
Creating your Top Nine 2020 collage is simple.

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Go to C reatorKit.com/TopNine or the CreatorKit app for iOS and Android.
Enter your Instagram username
If you have many publications it may take a few minutes so if you want you can enter your email and you will receive it when it is ready
If you prefer not to include your email, include your username in the lower box and the collage with your best nine Instagram photos and videos of the year will automatically be generated.
CreatorKit is free and offers payment options such as being able to use PRO templates which are: video templates optimized for Instagram stories and other social media platforms.

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