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How to create your own Club within the Clubhouse

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How to create your own Club within the Clubhouse

Every week Clubhouse adds new features to the platform and one of the most important has undoubtedly been How to create your own Club within the Clubhouse.

Now the process is much simpler: Simply go to your profile and at the bottom of your profile click on the + sign

You will have to include the name of the Club you want to create, decide if

You admit all users who want to follow it
Allow members to create rooms or not
Or create a Club for a private list of members.
Then you will have to add the keywords that are related to the theme of your Club and a description.


As I told you in my previous post, a great revolution is taking place in Spain with Clubhouse , an audio chat social network that, although not new, as always happens after a while since its launch, is now when it takes a run in Spain.

In this social network you can create thematic rooms where you invite Benin Mobile Database other people or speakers to talk about a specific topic.

To create a room you just have to enter your profile and press the green button at the bottom + Start a room. Here you can choose between:

how clubhouse works

Open room for anyone to enter
Social so your friends can enter
Closed only for a restricted group
When you create a room you can do it under the umbrella of a Club or outside of it. If you create it under the umbrella of a Club and you are not an administrator, you can only configure it so that the members of that Club can enter, but when entering the room you will find a padlock at the top that you can open by simply pressing it and selecting the opening, so anyone can enter the room.

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If you have created a room and you have made a mistake when setting the time or you want to edit any data, you can do so by entering the calendar (at the top of the screen), then click on My Events, Edit and change what you want.Benin Mobile Database

You will also find Clubs for example Marketing in Spanish highly recommended.

Clubs and rooms have three types of users:

Creator or founder: The person who creates the room or club
Moderator the person who manages or moderates it
Members: The people who belong to that Club
Follower. Users who follow the Club
How to create a Club in Clubhouse

You can also make your request through the Clubhouse website.

How to create your first Club

First you must have started three rooms.
When you have already had three rooms active (I recommend that you do not do them the same day):
Go to your profile and press your avatar
Click on the admin nut
Go to FAQ / Contact US
Click on “How can I start a Club”
How to create a Clubhouse room

It will show you a link with an application form. It is convenient that you fill it in English. Keep in mind Brother Cell Phone List that you need to commit to having it active periodically.

In Clubhouse they will study your request if they agree, in a few days you will have your Club ready to start sharing.

The more proactive you are in Clubhouse, the more invitations you will have at your disposal and it will be easier for you to get functionalities.

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Of course, be careful when sending invitations and think twice who you send them to. If you don’t realize it and invite a friend who has Android and not an iPhone, not only will the application not be able to be downloaded, but your invitations will also be limited. It is like a punishment imposed by the Clubhouse so that before inviting you make sure that that person can be part of the Club. It is also important that you trust that person, because if they commit an offense and they get kicked out of Clubnouse they’ll kick you out too. In other words, your profile and that of your guest are linked forever.

If the creators and moderators do their role well, are not saturated with speakers who want to sell their products and limit themselves to adding value with their knowledge (sales will come by their own imprint and personal brand), this network can be a boom for professional topics.

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