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How to get a TIKTOK PRO account and your profile statistics

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How to get a TIKTOK PRO account and your profile statistics

If you have decided this year to launch yourself on TikTok and test how it works, I have good news and that is that you can activate the statistics of your account and thus be able to analyze all its performance.

Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database

Although the idea that we all have in mind is that TikTok is an exclusively teenage network, nothing is further from the truth. Although this platform began by hooking the little ones with their dances when it was Musical.ly, in recent months young people and adults have been incorporated who see in this social network a creative vehicle to be able to get their messages to millions of people. We already find surgeons, psychologists, marketinians, nutritionists, athletes who take it very seriously and share quality educational content.

The data speaks for itself, at the end of the year TikTok already had 1,500 million downloads , only in 2019 the downloads of the TikTok application reached 378 million and were in third place even above Instagram and Facebook,

Statista 2019

But the most significant fact that TikTok is going to hit Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database hard in that channels and TV programs, singers, celebrities and influencers are already beginning to open their profiles …

For example, Rosalía started a few weeks ago, with only three videos, she already has more than 582,800 followers and has a verified profile. Also David Bisbal or the singer Rosa López (OT) who has just opened his profile.

Regarding the media, Antena 3 and Tele 5 already have their channels verified and active. Programs like El Hormiguero have more than 287,800 followers and two and a half million likes on their publications.

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How to get the statistics of your TikTok account

Like any social network that takes off and positions itself, TikTok has also decided to offer us what they call a PRO account , with special tools for content creators. This is very similar to professional Instagram accounts.

Tik tok statistics tool

At the moment, TikTok PRO offers us the statistics of our accounts (we can have and manage up to three different accounts).

To get a PRO account and be able to access the statistics, Brother Cell Phone List these are the steps we have to take:

We open TikTok
Let’s go to our profile
Click on the three points at the top of our screen
When the drop-down opens we select Manage Account
At the bottom we will find Change your account to Pro
Being Pro we will have tools available such as Statistics
Select Category
We include the phone number or email
We will then receive by SMS a message with a four-digit code
You include it in your account and voila, you already have a PRO TikTok account.
What do we find in the statistics?

The statistics can be consulted for periods of the last 7 or 28 days and are divided into:

1.- The first screen is a summary panel where we find the following metrics:

Video views in the last 7 or 28 days
Total number of followers
Profile views
tik tok statistics tool

2.-The second screen is of contents,

The videos that we have shared appear and from there we can also create a new video.
Popular videos; The 9 videos with the highest growth in number of views in the last 7 days.
We can also see more data of our publications by clicking on each shared video (in the three points) and select Statistics to see all the detailed data of the video.
3.- On the third screen you will find audience data

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Total number of followers
Followers activity: Hours and days
Videos most viewed by your followers
As you can see, TikTok is serious and even if you are a little tired of so much social network, do not stop paying attention to this platform in case it ends up replacing Instagram in the future, although everything indicates that Instagram will include all the functions of TikTok very soon.

Of course, the test that shows the difference in interaction and engagement between TikTok and Instagram that I shared on this blog leaves no room for doubt. I leave you the post with all the data of the test in case you have not read it and want to check it.

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