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How to integrate Video Marketing into your Social Media strategy

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How to integrate Video Marketing into your Social Media strategy

We are already used to the fact that trends are temporary, however there is something we all agree on and that is that video is still a rising trend.

Developing a video marketing strategy , creating videos for your social networks and keeping up with the latest trends is something that every brand should have on its daily checklist in its social media plan. If you have not yet started with your video marketing strategy, do not miss it, you are still on time.

The vast majority of social media users have shared a commercial brand video at least once.

Taiwan Mobile Database

Social networks are the perfect way to find and reach your target audience, and creating quality content for your social profiles is a good investment of your time. Today all platforms have been adapted so that you can connect with more audiences through commercial or personal brand videos, and also for your advertising campaigns.

Tips in networks to create your videos

The first thing you will need is to know your audience in Taiwan Mobile Database depth to be sure that you speak their language and that you are going to offer them what they really need.
Then you will have to collect ideas and plan your content. Ask yourself what message do I want to send? What is the purpose of my video?
Tell a story: Stories awaken emotions, connect with the public.
You have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your audience since the attention of the users is very short, some say that it is even shorter than that of a fish ūüôāso put them in value. To achieve this goal, the introduction you make in your video is the key.
Quality is essential, so keep in mind that it is more important to create quality content than to create a large number of pieces.
It is always better that you be concise, specific, that the videos are short and do not include filler information.
Make videos accessible to everyone, use subtitles.
Choose the correct platform where your audience and your competition are.
Take care of SEO especially on YouTube since it offers you the possibility of positioning your video (ranking) in the same way as it happens in Google.
What should you take into account of each Social Network

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At this time it already has more than 1,000 million active users
Either in your feed or in stories, Instagram video allows you to upload up to 60 seconds of video.
Instagram Stories has many options such as “Ask me a question”, polls, LIVE videos … Keep in mind that your videos must have a vertical format, something that will help you to have greater visibility because it occupies the entire screen and thus the people who view it They will do without distractions.
On Instagram you can also share videos on IGTV (Brother Cell Phone List), which allows you to upload videos of up to one hour and store them on your own channel that will be highlighted on your profile.
Use keywords in your hashtags that help you reach a wider audience.
You can also make videos for your Instagram Ads .
Video player


1. “Instagram_Story_Video”

Twitter is like a personal diary, so there is a lot of valuable information and interaction with other users. If what you are looking for is answers this is the right place.
On Twitter you can use both horizontal and vertical formats and they can last up to 140 seconds.

Facebook videos has around 1.5 billion daily viewers .
9:16 to 16: 9 ratio
Video size 4GB maximum.
Duration of minimum 1 second, maximum 240 minutes.
Sound is optional but highly recommended.
Texts of up to 125 characters.
I recommend you upload the videos in the highest resolution possible within the allowed size.
Be careful with exceeding more than 20% of the text that accompanies your video because it can be penalized.
The dimension of the video must be a minimum of 120 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.

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It is the king of video marketing, being the second most powerful search engine after Google.
You can reach a large audience especially those between 18 and 34 years old.
On YouTube there are hundreds of video tutorials that teach you to do anything, whatever you are looking for you will find there, so it is a perfect opportunity to upload all your brand tutorials.

It has more than 255 million users , and was the pioneer in using ephemeral videos, being able to create stories that disappear after 24 hours.
Snapchat is a magnificent network to create personal videos, with humor, including filters, stickers, emojis … in vertical format.
Tik Tok

The novelty comes from the hand of Tik Tok, a video social network , initially used by teenagers that is captivating all kinds of audiences.
Right now Tik Tok is the most downloaded app and has 500 million users.
Tik Tok videos have a duration of up to 60 seconds and can include music, text, stickers and choose songs to dance to the music.
The Advantages of Using a Video Editor:

There are many editors on the market that will help you improve your videos.

For example, with Placeit you can easily edit all your videos.

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