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How to make a link banner for your WordPress blog

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How to make a link banner for your WordPress blog

Today we are going to see how we can make a banner for your WordPress blog in a few simple steps and in just a few minutes.

Many of us who have a website or a blog, have entrusted its development and design to specialized professionals and although we know all the basic functions of our blog, when they talk to us about code many times we get lost, or failing that we try to get our hands on it and delete something that we should not have eliminated and in the worst case we end up destroying some part of it.

If you are a professional in your area, but you do not know about development Peru Mobile Database and your website has been made by a developer, the easiest thing is to get in touch and ask him to make a banner for you, but of course this work will have a cost , so even if you don’t know anything about code, or web development , today I leave you a step by step so that you can do it by yourself without the danger of spoiling anything. Get down to it with these instructions and you’ll see how you do it in a few minutes.

How to include a WordPress banner

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Step by step to include a banner on your WordPress blog

The first thing you will have to know is how large the image of your banner must be to fit perfectly in the sidebar.

There is a foolproof (unprofessional but effective) method:

Take a screenshot of your sidebar, paste it into Paint.
Cut out the shape you would like your banner to have and at the top of the Paint screen click “change image size”, where you can see the exact measurements of the image you have cut out. This measurement is what you should use to create the creativity of your image.
If you are not fluent in Photoshop, enter Canva and select “create new design”
Enter the measurements that your banner should have (Brother Cell Phone List)
Include a text and / or image in the creativity and create your own design.
Download it in jpg so that the image has less weight.
You can also later use a tool to compress the image so that it will have less weight, something that will make the image take less time to load when a user accesses your blog.
When you have the previous point ready, install the free Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin on your blog and activate it, this plugin will allow you to include an image with a link.
Then click on Appearance / Widgets and select the box of the widget that you just installed.
Drag it to your blog bar
Enter the image you have created with your design and include the URL where you want to direct your readers and that’s it.
That easy and that fast. You already have your custom banner.

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Surely if this post is read by a developer it would raise a cry;), but although the method is a bit rudimentary, the truth is that it works, which is the most important thing.

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