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How to moderate and create Interesting Rooms in Clubhouse

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How to moderate and create Interesting Rooms in Clubhouse

Good practices for moderating a Clubhouse Room.

If in 2019 and 2020 it was TikTok that revolutionized the panaroma of Social Networks (currently exceeding 850 million active users and continues to grow), the revolution of 2021 comes from the hand of Clubhouse , an audio chat application that is sweeping in the world, but especially in the US, Spain and Latin America.Belize Mobile Database

I remember that, when we did the growth studies for Twitter back in 201/2012, although Spain was not one of the countries with the most users, we were at the top as the country that emitted the most tweets. In other words, in Spain we like to talk and participate and it is being demonstrated every day at the Clubhouse.

Good Clubhouse Practices

If you do not know much about Clubhouse yet, I leave you this link with a step by step to find out how it works , how to create an account ,,, and also in this link you will find How to Create your own Club within Clubhouse.

Well, in just a month, we have seen in Clubhouse how crazy users open and intervene in rooms, because we all have a lot to learn, but also to contribute, but we have realized that, like everything in life without order there is no concert, so today I share with you a series of good practices that I have been learning in these weeks after trying various formulas to know what is (at least in my opinion), the best way to create, moderate and participate in a Clubhouse room .

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If you are thinking of creating your first room or you have already created several but they have become chaos, a real market, or a kind of chicken coop where shifts are not respected, where there are those who want to intervene and never get it because others capitalize on the microphone, these tips I think can help you.

Think carefully about the name of the room
Every day there are more users and therefore every day there are more rooms scheduled, so I recommend that you look at the calendar so as not to coincide with other speakers who are very powerful and attract many users. If the topic you are going to talk about is very different from the topic proposed in the other rooms, don’t worry because there are Belize Mobile Database audiences with different content needs, so if you do it well and the topic is interesting, you will fill it.

2.- Hang your room in a Club that already has many users and is related to the theme you are going to deal with.

There are already clubs that have thousands of people inside. If your room is inside one of them and you leave it open, anyone can access it and thus you will have a much larger audience than if you go alone.

3.- Appoint moderators.

Being alone in a speaker room has a problem and that is if for any circumstance (the application occasionally takes you out of the room because it has some errors or they call you by phone and it is very urgent …), stopping the room is not an option because the audience will leave as normal. Therefore, always be accompanied by one or two people who act as moderators and who in addition to being moderators can be speakers and thus the experience will be more enriching for everyone.

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3.- Schedule the room in advance

When you schedule a room with time, your followers receive a notification that you have scheduled a certain room, so that if it is of their interest, they will schedule it so as not to miss it.

This only has a small drawback and that is that being a Brother Cell Phone List public issue there are those who, as in all social networks, will copy the name of your room and open it before yours. We have already seen blatant cases, but hey, nothing that surprises those of us who use any social network. There are users without their own initiative in every corner of the planet, but do not give it more importance, the audience will always know who the speakers are that add value.

4.- In the title of the room, include its duration.

It has happened to all of us that we program a room thinking about an hour and three hours later we are still inside because there is a large audience, the subject matter has become very interesting and it gives you I don’t know what to close the room with so many people. Do not hesitate, even if it hurts, notify 10 minutes before the scheduled closing time. Do not upload more people from the audience to give them the floor because otherwise you will eternalize. Users had better stay wanting more and create another room with the same theme in days after they think that what a burden.

5.- How or not to upload certain people

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In Clubhouse there is a majority of users who only enter the room to listen, another part that intervenes but their contributions are very interesting, but there is also a minority that always wants to have the floor, regardless of the topic in question and at all costs they have what to say. Be careful with this because these last users end up stealing a lot of time and also get the audience interested in listening t

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