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Iberdrola’s head of sustainability has also introduced the 2030 Agenda

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Iberdrola’s head of sustainability has also introduced the 2030 Agenda

as the main objective for sustainable companies. In addition, as he adds: “ A company loses credibility if it says it has skipped steps. Each private sector has to say exactly what it can do . For Iberdrola, for example, the key concepts are internationalization, reporting and dissemination, in addition to having a staff committed to the values ​​of the company.

In fact, Iberdrola’s free france mobile number sustainability area depends directly on the Government and is made up of a team of about 6 or 7 people in Spain. Although the company has more offices in other countries with which they usually share synergies. An effort that has paid off over time, since according to Mónica Oviedo, the Iberdrola brand is currently well valued.

Actions to be sustainable
For Ipsos the word sustainability can be translated by profitability and it is something that they wanted to make clear with this webinar. There are many actions to improve our business with the possibility of complying with the 17 SDGs. In the words of Mónica Oviedo, there are specifically 169 goals that can be followed to meet the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. And the fact is that brands are clear about their social duty and responsibility for action, so they cannot stop helping Consumers to act on their desire to make more sustainable choices.

In this way, to meet the definition of a sustainable company, you will have to integrate the value of your audience. This is your business, employee relations, community relations, environmental impact, and leadership France Phone Number Database  practices, among many others. Mónica Oviedo has exemplified this theory with the action in which Iberdrola commits itself to the women’s soccer team . It is about offering an image in accordance with the business objectives and the values ​​that the company is committed to contributing.

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It should also be noted that Mónica Oviedo has not focused only on the energy sector, but has offered her point of view for a family business on food . In the case of this user who was wondering how to develop the SDGs in a small business like yours, the answer from the Iberdrola representative was clear: focus on consumption . From there, the employer must choose the SDGs that are more in line with his business model, such as equal pay, to be recognized in his market. « Large buyers are going to prefer indicators that they will have to visualize as workload, but use it as management«, Says the representative of Iberdrola, exemplifying the actions with donations or different initiatives.

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