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Imbexa: The agency of artists and experts that will make you stand out and increase your income

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Imbexa: The agency of artists and experts that will make you stand out and increase your income

Imbexa is an based in Madrid that offers specialized services in marketing and creativity that work with a modus operandi, whose first step is to have the best possible product and finally to carry out an effective and / or viral campaign that makes this known product or service. 

Why hire Imbexa? 

It is a small agency that has many requests and projects of its own, therefore those that do not suit the company or consider that it will not have positive Oman Phone Number List results are not sought or accepted. 

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The first thing Imbexa does is assess if it can offer you something you need or will improve your results and if the answer is positive, it draws up a plan to carry it out. 

It is a company with twelve years of experience that has done thousands of jobs and therefore can give you advice based on the results of many experiences and experiments , a path that will save you time, money and improve your results. 

Many of his clients who  Usa B2B List  had no business have gone from an idea to a well-established project that grows every day, and others already established have managed to increase their turnover thanks to Imbexa. 

How does this agency work? 

  • The product

The best brands, in addition to being the best brands, products or services also look like such, and have a corporate image, websites, videos and / or packaging that is at the level of the product they sell. 

This is where the company makes the first stop, to offer you the creativity you need in order to make your marketing campaign more effective. 

  • Marketing 

Once the company has developed or improved all the creativity of the company, it begins to work and develop the strategy to attract customers based on paid ads, viral campaigns or / and commercial strategies. 

These strategies are the most effective since they produce quick results and are aimed at a segment of the population that is interested in buying the product you sell , as opposed to influencers who target a segment of the population that cannot be defined or the positioning web that can take months, years or not give results. 

To do this, they carry out a study together with the client in which the marketing strategies , conversions, targets, sales locations, ages, interests, keywords, themes, strategies, campaigns, prices, timings, schedules, devices, sex, frequencies are analyzed. , products to be promoted, location of the ad, network in which to promote, competitions and much more … 

This process is called a sales funnel and its objective is to create a strategy to attract customers, interact with them, analyze how they interact with the company until they become customers and improve this process to make it more effective. 

A path that can last from a month to several years, depending on the size of the project, in which it is analyzed, all the creativity, the strategy, the customer acquisition channels, the communication campaign, marketing are developed and the on going.

The secret to selling a product is to have a good product, so if you have a good product you only need a first-rate creativity that makes it look like such and a good marketing strategy that makes it known to increase your customers. 

Artists and experts 

The main difference with other agencies is that they only have artists with a long history for their creativity , and with qualified experts for programming, consulting, technical work and ad campaign configurations, retargeting, follow-ups, etc … 

In their portfolio you can see their best work, projects that show the love and care they give to every detail. 

Own projects 

They also have their own record label ,and Gin brand , , with which they hold events and offer marketing collaborations with related brands and companies. 

A product market and record label captained by a diamond-tipped pirate flag that symbolizes freedom and the pursuit of excellence, which divides its genres into 7 colored labels to differentiate its main features but without limiting its common features with a electronic base and a balanced Gin brand perfect to enjoy in a party club, chill out, restaurant or at home relaxing. 

Increase your billing 

The agency has a very clear objective and focus, making you win is making us grow , that is, if your billing increases, the expense in our company also increases. 

If you are interested in increasing your billing, do not hesitate to contact them from their website, their team will study your case and give you a budget adjusted to your needs.

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