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Instagram also targets LIVE ROOMS, Audio Features and Monetize

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Instagram also targets LIVE ROOMS, Audio Features and Monetize

Until now on Instagram we could only do Live in duo, that is, the host could invite another user from his channel to launch a live broadcast, but on March 1, Instagram announced the launch of Live Rooms with up to three guests.Azerbaijan Mobile Database

But it also now adds a Live Rooms feature that offers creators to monetize their appearances. Like on TikTok, viewers can buy badges for their favorite creators and thank them for the content shared by the creator.

They also add other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraising.

But Instagram could not be left behind in the unbridled race that Azerbaijan Mobile Database has started with the great success of Clubhouse and now Twitter Spaces and is considering implementing moderator controls and audio functions.

We are undoubtedly in the era of audio, although the first idea and development started from Twitter as a project to launch Twitter Spaces (we already saw months ago how Twitter included audio tweets in the profiles of our accounts), undoubtedly Clubhouse, being a Smaller company and therefore more agile in decision-making , it was ahead of Twitter and created a real revolution, getting millions of professionals, entrepreneurs and trade brand managers to open their profiles and use the application very proactively, for now many of them are only listeners, but many others are launched daily to create rooms, some very interesting.

For its part, Twitter Spaces, as I have already told you in a previous post, has come out in beta but with force knowing that there is still a way to go to improve and implement everything that the beta testers have suggested, but without a doubt it is a very interesting tool for explore and debate new topics and connect more closely with our communities.

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The fantastic thing is that for once we also have available Brother Cell Phone List Stereo another audio application for the younger millennials and for the generation Z, in this way the different generations can enjoy the applications without some being “invaded” by others as has It happened systematically on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch … where the youngest began and the next generations quickly joined in, creating a strange mix of content and, fundamentally, teenagers fleeing to other platforms.

It seems that the time has come to monetize the content we share on social networks.

Youtube already did it in its day with youtubers
After Twitch
TikTok: it allows us, in addition to belonging to the Creators Fund and generating income every day with our videos, users also give us gifts in the form of stickers that become diamonds and the diamonds become income that TikTok pays you.
Facebook has also looked for ways to monetize
And now Instagram arrives with this novelty
Clubhouse has already commented that users will be able to give “tips” (which sounds bad) to the speakers and hopefully there will finally be rooms where you will have to pay to enter.
Twitter Space has also announced that it can be monetized.
Now we just need Linkedin and Snapchar to also create their own audio rooms.

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