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Instagram launches Reels in Spain now available on all accounts

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Instagram launches Reels in Spain now available on all accounts

Instagram has decided to advance the launch of Reels in Spain and it is now available on all accounts.India Mobile Database

This summer is being very busy for Facebook and TikTok. After the war declared by Facebook and its political connotations where I have already told you in other posts how the US wanted to close it, Microsoft to buy it, India banned it … now Facebook is taking a step forward and also launches Reels in Spain.

Until now Reels (the copy of TikTok) was only available in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, but as of today all Spanish instagramers also have Reels available on their devices.

To access Reels, you must first update the application. Once done, you just have to enter Stories and at the bottom we will find Live, Stories and Reels.

When you enter Reels you will see how you can record your 15 second video and include

Music (just like in any other story)
Speed ​​(you can record at different speeds)
Effects (where you will find augmented reality effects)
Timer (to decide display times)
Allows recording with pauses
To line up
You can also edit your video and download it.
You can share it in Reels and also in the news, that is, on your profile.

To be able to see the Reels of other users you can go to Explore, India Mobile Database but you will also see them in your time line.

On the other hand, the Reels that you record will be stored in a new icon on your profile next to the IGTV icon.

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As you see a traced copy of TikTok, although personally I think that TikTok offers us many more functionalities. In addition, being able to record videos of more than 15 seconds allows you to be able to perform mini tutorials or share news of greater depth, something that we will not be able to do in Reels at least for now.

I do not know what the future of TikTok will be, if Reels will triumph or be forgotten, but what is clear is that those who really win in this battle are the users since there is nothing better for social networks than there is competition, of In this way, the platforms will continue to improve the user experience to attract new users or keep the ones they already had.

I believe that Instagram users who have not entered TikTok will still not enter and will use Reels frequently because they are already installed in this application and they do not want to start from scratch in something new.

On the other hand, TikTok users I think that they will continue to use this network as before, since they will not find anything new in Reels

In this third case, I believe that users will alternate videos on one platform and another, Brother Cell Phone List it will all depend on whether they do better on Instagram or on TikTok.

The game is open and in the coming months it will be revealed if Facebook finally wins the battle with Reels or TikTok continues to grow at a frantic pace, leaving Instagram only for influencers and their followers.

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