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Insurance In the first place, we find the group of consumers classified

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Insurance In the first place, we find the group of consumers classified

as “Safe”, which represents 31% of the population (29% in Spain). These are people who have suffered a lower level of anxiety and financial impact. This group includes mainly men (53%), full-time workers (50%), between 25 and 34 years old (23%), married (41%) and with children (51%). The Czech Republic tops the list of countries with the usa mobile directory most “insurance” (59%), followed by Germany (57%) and Denmark and France (51%).

This group is a large mobile internet user (84%), watches television daily (77%) and watches social networks every day (75%). On the contrary, they are less likely to read weekly magazines (36%), newspapers (40%) and video games (40%). Suspense, fear, sports and comedy are his interests when it comes to consuming entertainment programs.

Tense The second group is made up of the “Tense” by the current situation. It is about 26% of the total population and in Spain it reaches 29%. These UK Phone Number Database people show a higher level of anxiety but a low financial impact. Most are men (53%), full-time workers (46%), between 25 and 34 years old (23%) and married (47%). By countries, Japan (45%), the United Kingdom (44%), Puerto Rico (40%) and the United States and Canada (36%) lead the list.

This group uses the mobile internet on a daily basis (86%), watches television daily (82%), enjoys social networks daily (79%) and reads online news daily (74%).

Proactive The “Proactive” are the third group and represent 17% of the population (in Spain 15%). These people show a low level of anxiety about the situation, the financial impact has been high. This group is made up mainly of men (53%), between 25 and 34 years old (26%), with children (55%), married people (45%) and full-time workers (52%). Estonia has 33% “Proactive”, New Zealand 32% and Russia 29%.

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They use the internet by mobile phone on a daily basis (89%), and to a lesser extent on social networks on a daily basis (83%) and from television on a daily basis (78%). In addition, they listen to the radio at least once a week (74%).

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