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“Lead your company in the fourth revolution”

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“Lead your company in the fourth revolution”

Undoubtedly the best thing about our profession is that it crosses your path with very interesting people such as J u anma Romero, director and presenter of Emprende TVE, to interview him on the occasion of the publication of his new book “Lead your company in the fourth revolution ” , and that this meeting is the perfect excuse to put your YouTube channel in order once and for all.

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At last this year I have decided to focus on this network to which personally (not professionally) I have not paid much attention in recent times, perhaps because I have given priority to the blog and many Philippines Mobile Database other networks and time is limited, but also I’ve always thought that to make good videos it is necessary to have technical knowledge of editing, or better yet, that it be a professional who takes care of it, but as in almost everything it is only about taking away your fears and throwing yourself at it.

But we go to the bottom of the interview that today is the most important thing.

With Juanma we have spoken in a casual way in this interview, about such serious issues as:

Employment in the technological age
Reinvention and adaptation to changes
Past, present and future of the media
The importance of personal branding
Time management
Value our work
The role of women in the company

And of course the last book that has published ” Lead your company in the fourth revolution” written jointly with his son Jesús Romero.

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Meeting and interviewing Juanma Romero has been a great experience, not only because of his extensive knowledge and the great professional weight he has in the world of communication, but because of his closeness and above all because he is one of those people who has been for more than 35 years. on TVE and despite being the director and the visible face of a program with a large audience like Emprende TVE (he has received more than 40 awards), he continues to be a simple, clear and accessible staff.

Juanma has six children and already has 9 books published , 3 of them written with two of his daughters, but he promises that he will continue writing with them because the experience and pride of sharing projects and seeing them on the covers of shared books deserves the worth any effort made.

Juanma speaks in this interview about his work, but always referring Brother Cell Phone List to the importance that his family has for him. If there is something underlying this interview, it is the values ​​and principles that govern an entire life dedicated to communication.

When this book fell into my hands and I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. It is one of those books that hook you from the first to the last page.

I leave l to interview me assure worth devoting attention because it is a learning
The audio podcast in case you prefer to listen to it
The link to the book “Lead your company in the fourth revolution” in which you will find many advice and the vision of the future of the world that surrounds us from the point of view of a communication veteran like Juanma Romero and the vision of those who are beginning the journey of the hand of his son Jesús Romero, belonging to generation Z.

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