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Marketing, does anyone innovate ?: Industry experts respond at La Noche MD at Clubhouse

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Marketing, does anyone innovate ?: Industry experts respond at La Noche MD at Clubhouse

Episode 7 of , the room that MarketingDirecto.com organizes every Thursday to bring together the marketing and advertising industry, focused on innovation in marketing . This new installment was attended by professionals such as Marcos F. Cardanha , Head of Digital & Transmedia at thinketers; Ekhi Mendibil , partner at AUPA !; Óscar Herráiz , Managing Director at dentsu X; the writer Francisco de Paula (Blue Jeans) ; Roberto Fara , Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy; Ana Castro , Media & Connections Director Western Europe at The Coca-Cola Company; Daniel godoy, former SWE Total Media Foods Manager at PepsiCo and Digital Expert; Gaby Castellanos , CEO & Founder of socialphilia, and Jaime Bisbal , BBVA’s marketing director.

Majé López , dream manager  Bahrain Phone Number List  and communication expert; Sergio Martín , journalist for RTVE; and Javier Piedrahita , CEO and Founder of MarketingDirecto.com, were in charge of moderating the session.

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“Hunger sharpens the wit. And I believe that innovation is selling. Peter Drucker used to say that the company only has two functions: to do marketing and to innovate “, pointed out Sergio Martín in his introduction. “We are trying to find new formulas,” said Javier Piedrahita.

«Technology was in the  Usa B2B List   great commercial that has revived Lola Flores. The spark, the big click, for the ad that made the most noise , “Martin recalled about the , signed by Ogilvy and dentsu X.

Roberto Fara revealed that what the industry has seen from Lola Flores has been “the tip of the iceberg, but not the work of two months.” “We work with a Behavioral Science team that has helped us to identify spaces to grow and develop a communication platform, ” he stressed.

In media planning so that we all see a great idea, is there innovation?

“ Innovation is in all areas . We have worked in an absolutely exemplary way to make the project as successful as it has been. This campaign was scheduled to go out last year, but COVID-19 stopped it, “said Óscar Herráiz.

Regarding the exhibition  launched that same week by Estrella Galicia and AUPA !, Ekhi Mendibil explained: “ Innovation projects require months of work , also due to the circumstances that affect such as the pandemic and Filomena. It was released yesterday, we wanted to close it well. It is a project in which Estrella Galicia wanted to relate the brand to a path, with a path as mythical as the one related to Galicia, such as the Camino de Santiago. We had the possibility of intervening on the road, painting murals … the French Way is the best known and we wanted to do an exhibition of murals with the urban artist Mon Devane, he had a very great capacity to portray people, who conveyed a lot with graffiti aesthetics » .

«We are still young. I started writing on a Fotolog, uploading a novel with a photo and text, ‘Songs for Paula’, which went viral and Everest published. I have always liked to innovate, the reader is the most important part of this. And now with the coronavirus we have had to reinvent ourselves to make online presentations, with three booktubers. This year we have made an ‘escapebook’, readers will have an hour to open a box in which the book is enclosed and tomorrow it will be launched “, said Blue Jeans in this room of La Noche MD.

“We have been talking about this since ’98. At that time we already discussed that the consumer should come first because if he does not pay and does not choose us, it is not worth it . It should always have been that way, but brands believed themselves to be more powerful… and people have power, ”said Gaby Castellanos.

«The important thing for me is not the Deep Fake, but the idea that exists and that it serves a very specific brand objective . But I remember for example Bruce Lee with the BMW X3. The important thing is the insight and the brilliance with which it has been solved. Again the value of teams and ideas. The industry does not pay enough for ideas, “said Herráiz in another of his speeches.

«Lola Flores’ campaign is very beautiful. But one of the big problems is that we adapt the idea to other environments. And we do not add the value of technology to make the idea more emphatic and brutal than it already is . If we all worked like this, the brand would sell what it has not sold in its life ”, emphasized Castellanos.

«When there is no social construction, we are forgetting a part of the transmedia construction. That technology is the vehicle to tell the story and that the idea comes out of a cultural territory . Surprise us, favor us … Stories are part of our life forever. It is about how we approach content. And understand the where and how. The social construction of everything we do and that we do not forget that the consumer is always at the center. If we start from the idea that innovating is telling things in a different way, ”explained Marcos F. Cardanha.

«I experienced the Concorde theme with consumers. Then he was the Messi of airplanes and today Pepsi is with Messi. The DNA has not changed. This is the story. This is a good idea. Where is it and how are we able to capture it? This is not about putting a piece in all the media, the reality is that you have to take a step back. The first touchpoint matters. It is not only valid with Digital First. Where are you going to be most relevant? It’s the big idea with the big site and how we tie the nodes together to set up a campaign ten, “said Daniel Godoy.

But aren’t these campaigns difficult to explain to the CFO? Does money slow down innovation? ”Javier Piedrahita asked the guests at La Noche MD.

“Each campaign has its complexity, getting these things approved always requires an explanation and putting the benefits in a situation . This is about selling and you have to know how to monetize what we are going to do . We wanted to make a big impact on the young generation, Z, but there was no money to invest in the big screen, what could we do? And we decided to invest in Ibai Lanos », explained Godoy.

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