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Misleading Video Game Advertising: Why Are There More and More Fake Ads?

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Misleading Video Game Advertising: Why Are There More and More Fake Ads?

A youtuber has made a video about this type of ads viral: they promise to download games that disappoint the user but allow developers to gain more popularity. The illegal one? What problems does it entail? All the answers, in this article. It doesn’t take a professional or amateur gamer to be tempted on a daily basis by fabulous video game advertisements that are then not what they seem. They attract our attention with effects, music and graphics that are far from the real game that we download through said ad.

Although the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users indicates that “the offer, promotion and advertising of goods or services will be adjusted to their nature, characteristics, utility or purpose and to the legal or economic conditions of the contract”, certain Developers know “tricks” to circumvent this rule. And it is that when it comes to misleading advertising, no product or service escapes it. In the case of fake video game ads, just download one to verify that the functions, effects and images of the advertised video game have nothing to do with the real one. Our download has only served to make the developer more popular and gain potential buyers of other games. This article from kyaooo.net provides an extensive summary of BaityBaitque’s YouTube video exposing false advertising videos of mobile  Cyprus Phone Number List  games and providing answers to all questions on the subject.

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A disappointed user, still a potential user
But why do developers do these practices? Video game downloads are a business that moves billions of dollars and this is a way to fatten that number. “It is estimated that around 10% of users who install the game will end Usa B2B List up making ‘in-app’ purchases , ” explain the specialists at kyaooo.net. However, considering the investment they require, 10% is not really significant. There are other reasons.

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In the first place, this type of video game is boring for most gamers but it is very effective in attracting an audience that is used to making purchases in video games . On the other hand, each download allows developers to position themselves in the ranking of the most downloaded video games . This “generates more downloads and more popularity,” they explain from kyaooo.net. “Although later many of these users rate the game negatively and uninstall the game,” they clarify. On the legality of fake ads
Both the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users as well as some other national and international regulations, would lead to qualify this practice as illegal.

But after the law, cheated: “some of these companies perform a kind of trick where they offer you at least 20 seconds in a minigame similar to the one offered in advertising, while the rest of the hours of the game are a scam ” , explain the specialists. In this way, they have achieved their objective while safeguarding their safety and avoiding complaints. It is clear that the legislation on internet advertising is moving slower than advertisers and that there are still legal loopholes that should be covered soon , for the peace of mind of users and advertisers. Is there a way to avoid these ads? The app-block allow to avoid much of these ads. However, for people who want to be updated on the new and real video games that circulate on the market, by using these blockers, they will also be resigning the possibility of finding out as soon as possible about such releases.

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In general, users have the possibility to report these types of ads and, in this way, prevent their proliferation. It is also possible to make comments on the download page , evaluating negatively and explaining the reasons so that other users do not fall for the scam. In some cases it has been achieved that the game is no longer available for download.

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