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New Linkedin functionality: Create Events for your Community

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New Linkedin functionality: Create Events for your Community

On January 6, the new Linkedin functionality (Linkedin Events) will arrive in Spain, which will allow you to Create events for your community.

Turkey Mobile Database

Linkedin Events

This functionality has existed for a long time on Facebook with very good results, but we missed that Linkedin did not offer us this possibility until now.

Undoubtedly, a fundamental part, when we create a community in any social network, is to be able to de-virtualize the contacts that make it up. Whether in a meeting, conference, course, or alumni reunion, in-person interactions help us create and nurture much closer professional relationships.

According to Linkedin l as possibilities for people to accept connection requests on LinkedIn increase 2 times if they have had previous contact or face meeting.

With this new functionality LinkedIn Events ( Turkey Mobile Database ), you will be able to create and join professional events, invite your contacts, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees and maintain contact online after the event ends.

Event design

What will Linkedin Events allow you to do?

Create private events
Event update notifications
Search filters to invite the right attendees
Ability to interact with the 645 million LinkedIn users.
How does it work?

Go to the ‘Community’ panel located on the left side of the news feed and click on + Create.
Enter a description, date, time and place of the event.
Invite your connections using filters such as location, company, industry, and school.
It’s also recommended that you share the event as a post to harness the potential of your feed to reach relevant attendees.
Global events on your LinkedIn profile

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From the event page, you can

Track attendees and guests
Post updates
Interact with other attendees.
LinkedIn’s algorithm automatically provides timely and relevant notifications to attendees to make sure they don’t miss any important updates about your event. Members who have joined the event can also invite their contacts to attend the event.

Event search

In the search engine you can find professional events on LinkedIn.
The invitations will be in the tab “My network. From there you can see the event and sign up for it.
Once you’ve chosen to attend an event, you will be able to see the details of who else will be attending and connect with other attendees.
You can also share updates, photos and videos with other attendees on a page dedicated to the event and in your own feed.
Finally, you will be able to interact on the event page with other attendees and with the organizers during and after the event.
Event Design Member Experience

Users will be able to invite other people using search filters, so we will be able to reach the connections that we have on the second level.

In case the event is private, the organizer will have to provide permission for the attendees to invite their connections.

If you don’t have this functionality available yet, you just have Brother Cell Phone List to change your profile to English and you can start creating Events. This always happens on Linkedin, remember when in Spain Pulse could not be used and by changing the language of our account we had access. Now it is also possible to use LInkedin Events in Spain if you change it to English (Thanks Vivian Francos for suggesting that I do the test and check that it works).

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