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Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

Offshore drilling rig jobs pay well. Even closing 12 months, in 2009, while the economic system was its worst (of the recession), the price of oil did no longer drop under $60 according to barrel. Now, because the economic system is recuperating from the recession, the charge of oil is heading back up. This, of path, is due to fundamentals. Demand for oil remains robust due to the fact the growing international locations, especially India and China, are nevertheless forging beforehand with their industrial packages. Their economies are still developing, their residents are getting extra prosperous and stressful greater luxuries. All of those are things which want oil for energy. Obviously, this is right news for you in case you are looking for jobs on offshore drilling platforms.

Getting work with an offshore drilling contractor isn’t always exactly rocket technological know-how. It specially calls for staying power and guts. The halliburton phone directory extra process packages you send out, the extra interviews you will be referred to as for, the greater your chances of getting hired. Of course, the large question is how do you locate all those offshore drilling task vacancies?

The maximum primary methods that everyone uses are – sign up with a recruitment company inside the oil industry; look on process forums like Monster, Yahoo Jobs, Career Builder and Hot Jobs; and have a look at newspaper job advertisements. These are not awful strategies, it is just that by the time the process vacancies meander their way  halliburton phone directory through the bureaucracies of the Human Resources department, it can already be stuffed by using those with insider contacts.

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That brings up an vital question – how do you find an offshore drilling rig activity before it seems in an commercial? The best way is to search for all the small offshore drilling contractors who do the paintings for the huge offshore drilling halliburton phone directory corporations like Halliburton, Schlesinger, Trans ocean, and so forth. Most of these small oil provider agencies have a tendency to cluster round kinds of places – the headquarters of the larger agencies that subcontract to them; and across the place wherein the offshore oil rigs are placed (inside the US, those will be the Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas).

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