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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace
Facebook is one of the many popular social media nowadays. Facebook can upload information about ourselves and can be seen by other users who are friends with us. It can also be used for various things, for example making friends, posting life and even selling. Here are some ways to sell on Facebook Marketplace.


First, the way you post your sales on Facebook

On Facebook Home, you can click “Marketplace” in the left menu, after that Click “Create New Offer”, then you can click Items for Sale. Add Photos to upload photos of your items to make them more attractive and eye catching and then enter info about the items you are selling.

Do not forget to write down the price of the item you are going to sell. then, you can click “Next”. If the Next text is still gray, make sure you have completed the information required by Facebook. Click “Publish” to upload your Marketplace bid.

Both ways to sell in groups.
You can sell your items in groups. Facebook has many and varied buying and selling groups. The advantage of joining a group on Facebook, you will find more specific buyers, so your merchandise can sell faster. For example, groups buying and selling typical foods, clothes, bags, and others.

How to post your sale in a group , from “News Home”, you can click “Groups” in the left menu and select the buying and selling group where you want to sell the item. Click “Sell Something”.

You must enter information about the item you are VP Security Email Lists going to sell, then click “Next”. Select the people who will see your uploads. So that more buyers see your goods.

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Selling on Facebook has many ways, here we will discuss several ways to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

1. Use real photos.
If you can take a photo of the product, don’t forget that the photo must look as attractive as possible and in as much detail as possible to attract customers.

2. The agreement of both parties to avoid fraud.
If you feel hesitant to transact directly, you can use third parties such as online marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak or Shopee for example.

3. Respond to customer chats quickly.
In addition to looking more professional, many people like it when their messages get a quick reply, especially if your customers need the items you sell quickly.

That’s roughly how to sell on the facebook marketplace. Don’t forget to visit our page on Campus Digital.

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