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Pacharán Zoco has launched a new ad “Happy Grapes 2.0 2.0”

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Pacharán Zoco has launched a new ad “Happy Grapes 2.0 2.0”

In this nice Pacharán Zoco campaign the grapes are 2.0 2.0 The end of the year is approaching, and our most ingrained habit of “taking the grapes” (this year in digital format) may suffer some setbacks at the key moments  phone number list   of 12 chimes.  in the context of its Christmas campaign so as not to lose our best habits and live these moments in a humorous way to pass any setbacks that may arise, giving continuity to the Desktop 2.0 2.0.

Will the connection capacity be enough this coming January 31, 2020 with millions of video calls at the same time? The impact of COVID-19 on internet use has been exponential; and specifically it will be this coming December 31st with the thousands and millions of calls that are traditionally made between friends and family, which this year will multiply due to the impossibility of meeting due to restrictions.

Pacharán Zoco is a classic of good times, always looking back to the past and present, connecting generations and making them part of unforgettable moments.

The brand launches its Christmas 2020 campaign to de- dramatize the impossibility of meeting with family , going to the mythical Christmas dinners with friends and co-workers and enjoying what we can do: meeting in a virtual way through a good after-dinner a pacharán.

The new sketch “Happy Grapes 2.0 2.0” , devised and produced by Findasense , a consultancy  USA B2B List  and digital agency specialized in customer experience, shows what the virtual grapes that many of us will experience this coming December 31, 2020 will be like with an approach that satirizes the most subtle details.

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The campaign has been launched through Pacharán Zoco’s digital channels with amplification in different media. 7 reasons why telecommuting will be easier for everyone in 2021 In 2020 teleworking , that which was once just an entelechy in many companies, became “mainstream” overnight. And it may be that in the last year the “home office” has loaded men with multiple obstacles capable of testing the patience of the worker, but in 2021 everything will presumably go for the better.

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