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Real Digital Transformation for a New Era

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Real Digital Transformation for a New Era

We have been talking about digital transformation for several years now and many of us have accompanied different companies in their different fields, some to change, adapt or modernize technological systems, others have dedicated ourselves to training managers and employees in both time management, new leadership, implement corporate social networks that allow different teams and departments to work remotely, or to use new technological tools … but the most important thing has undoubtedly been the simultaneous internal work with the same companies to change or adapt the culture of the company and of each of the employees from within.

It was necessary to prepare for a change, where technology played an essential role, New-Zealand Mobile Database where the way of working had to be modified and adapted to the new times, where employees had to acquire new skills and knowledge to face a present that looked to the future.

But many companies this dramatic new situation has caught them in transit, or in the worst case with a changed foot, because that of the new technologies seemed that it did not go much with them.

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Undoubtedly, no one anticipated such a sudden change, no one expected that a virus was going to keep all the inhabitants of the planet locked up for weeks, even months in our homes and that companies would have to give an agile response to continue operating.

The first impact of course caught everyone like headless chickens, in some cases some even panicked, but little by little companies have reacted.

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In recent weeks I have seen closely with amazement how some large company not only did not have any type of tool for their employees to communicate, beyond their own particular tools, nor did they have any type of solution to work remotely, even many employees do not even have company laptops to perform assigned tasks from home. I have also verified how the necessary documentation for reporting, serving suppliers, solving problems … is not hosted in the cloud, in a secure system and therefore workers do not have access to it and cannot work remotely.

And if this has happened in some large companies, what has not happened in many SMEs that have had it the same or more complicated.

It is true that there are many large companies and SMEs prepared, many others that were born in the technological era and therefore the change has not been so drastic, they are much more used even to telework, because it is part of the company’s strategy.

I think that in this crisis we are all going to learn many things, but Brother Cell Phone List the companies that had not yet adapted are learning at a rapid pace and at a rapid pace because they have no other choice. Managers and employees take training courses and learn to use new tools at full speed.

Perhaps after all the horror we are experiencing, at least this hard blow will help us all understand that we must learn to adapt (personally and professionally), to manage changes and be prepared, because society is not only changing, but it will change much more and above all it is changing the way in which until now many understood work.

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