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Real test: comparison of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok engagement

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Real test: comparison of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok engagement

Today I want to share with you my personal experience when analyzing the difference in engagement between Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, comparing the result of the same content on different social networks 48 hours after its publicationYou will think that it is not comparable, that everything depends on the target we want to address, the time and day of publication, the number of followers … but I have chosen a content of interest for any target audience, since it affects both adolescents, young people, adults and third youth. I have published in each social network at the time that, according to statistics, my accounts have a larger audience and once again it is shown that the number of followers is not decisive for obtaining the best results.

Content of this test:

This is the excellent mobility campaign carried out by the Quebec government. This is the shared video:

To carry out this small analysis (which I think says a lot about the Senegal Mobile Database phenomenon), I have included the number of followers, impressions, reproductions, likes, comments, saves and shares of the 5 social networks Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and these are the results:

TWITTER @fatimamartinez

Followers 46,300

Impressions: 11,100
Views: 3,638
Total interactions: 849
Like: 100
Retweets / Shares: 75
Comments: 6
LINKEDIN Fátima Martínez López

Contacts: 11,664social media engagement analysis

Views: 24,602
Like: 272
Comments: 34
Times Shared: 242
INSTAGRAM @fatimamartinez

Followers: 6,299

Senegal Mobile Database

Impressions: 1,285
Range: 1,182
I like; 88
Comments: 3
Times shared: 7
Saved: 12
Video Views: 692
INSTAGRAM STORIES @fatimamartinez

Followers: 6,299

Views in Stories: 340
FACEBOOK PAGE Fátima Martínez López

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Followers: 6330

Range: 2,587
Impressions: 1,436
Video Views: 1,501
Interactions: 132
Post Likes: 47
Comments: 4
Shares: 25
TIKTOK @fatimamartinezlope

Followers: 1,046

Video Views: 72,035
Like: 11,380
Comments: 41
Shares: 460
But if you think that this is just a specific case, I already anticipate Brother Cell Phone List that I have tried with other content that reaffirms that, at least in my case , Linkedin and TikTok have spectacular potential and work much better than Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter is in this case the most irregular depending on the publications, although good content usually generates a high number of interactions, in this case the results are not at all comparable with Linkedin or TikTok.

This is the summary table (some data continues to increase in the last hours as it is a live publication)

real engagement social networks

As you will have seen in the summary table, it is not only the number of followers , since both on Facebook and Instagram the number of followers of my accounts multiplies by 6 the number of followers on TikTok, Linkedin multiplies the contacts by ten and It represents almost one eighth of the followers of the Twitter account.
We must also take into account in this analysis the duplications of users that exist between my accounts, by this I mean that it is possible that whoever has seen and reacted to the publication in one social network may see it in another and no longer react. Usually I don’t usually share the same content on all social networks on the same day, but this time I wanted to run the test with a 48 hour lag to check the results.
When discussing this data with a friend who is a magnificent professional who works with Instagram and YouTube influencers, he understands that it is logical that TikTok works much better, because adolescents do not have as much qualms about clicking “I like” as adults do. which seems to cost us much more to interact with other accounts.
For example, on Instagram, those over 30 years of age watch and gossip, but our hearts beat much less than the younger ones. The latter do not think twice and click without hesitation if they like something. For them, a like can be a “I’ve seen you” to a friend or a real “like” to an influencer, singer or celebrity. Adolescents and the youngest are much more spontaneous and also do not see themselves as competitors, which is the case among adults who exercise similar professions or use Instagram to sell a product related to the subject.
On the other hand, in Linkedin, since it is a network focused on the professional world, it seems that we are more willing to react if we really like a publication and it contributes to us.
A test that undoubtedly gives us clues about how social networks with organic content are behaving , in another post we will make the comparison with content promoted with advertising campaigns.

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