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Strategic move: TikTok partners with the New York Yankees

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Strategic move: TikTok partners with the New York Yankees

TikTok is partnering with the New York Yankees to bring “America’s favorite pastime” to fans.

Every day there are more and more news about TikTok . What is clear is that this social network has captivated millions of users who spend more than 59 minutes connected every day, displacing Instagram and Facebook.Hungary Mobile Database

The threats of prohibition by Trump made TikTok weird for a few days, that users invited their communities to follow them on other social networks, but little by little tranquility returned.


On the other hand, the long-awaited launch of Reels by Instagram has left tiktokers indifferent, since as Rafael Pérez Revilla says “Reals looks like TikTok like an egg to a chestnut”, that is, Facebook’s attempts to provide Instagram of TikTok’s features have been a fiasco. The precipitation has been noticed, some functionalities such as music were not available in the days after the launch for some users, you cannot make text and stickers timings, the maximum 15 seconds of video are very short for some creators and thus a sin end of reasons why Reels cannot replace TikTok … well, if tiktokers go to Instagram it will be because they close TikTok not because they have a passion for Reels.

While the debate is about whether Microsoft buys it or not, Twitter appears on the screen negotiating in parallel to acquire the platform. Does anyone else sign up? It’s funny how everyone says that TikTok is insecure and that it spies on users, but everyone wants to buy it “Something will have the water when they bless it.”

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TikTok, for its part, has begun to pay some influencers on the platform and has once again given visibility to accounts that it had as banned for no apparent reason. Views have increased and users Hungary Mobile Database who were stagnant in number of followers are growing again.

Now, TikTok has announced a new strategic partnership with the New York Yankees and YES Network that will begin immediately. As part of the multi-year partnership, the Yankees and YES Network will bring exposure to the TikTok community.

During these last weeks

At this moment, the New York Yankees have more than 100,000 followers on TikTok, but possibly with this news the fans will multiply considerably, since the platform will give them greater exposure. Featuring exclusive TikTok content featured on the YES Network, this new partnership brings the joy of baseball and TikTok to a wider audience.

A whole display of statements by the directors of the Yankees that contravene the sentiment of Donald Trump. If Trump wants to ban the social network, the Yankees associate with it, a symptom.

“We are excited to launch this groundbreaking partnership with TikTok,” said Michael J. Tusiani, senior vice president of partnerships for the New York Yankees. “Being able to provide prominent TikTok signage to our audience Brother Cell Phone List and participate in the popular progressive TikTok platform will undoubtedly create unique opportunities to connect with our younger fans.”

“We are excited to enter this innovative new partnership with TikTok and the New York Yankees,” said Jon Litner, CEO of YES Network. “We look forward to working with TikTok to execute unique marketing solutions and develop engaging content to connect with younger, digitally savvy fans.”

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“We are thrilled to partner with an iconic team and brand like the New York Yankees to enhance the exciting start to the baseball season,” said Harish Sarma, Global Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development, TikTok. “Sports are an important part of the content experience on TikTok, and we can’t wait to bring the joy of the Yankees to fans of our platform.”

From what is deduced from the information, live Yankees events will be held on TikTok.

Anyway, I will continue to inform you about how the world continues around TikTok, if Trump finally gets his way or if some American multinational buys it.

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