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Technological gifts to give away that transform our lives

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Technological gifts to give away that transform our lives

Yesterday I looked around me and I was really aware of how technology has changed our lives, the way we work, but also our houses, gradually turning them into smart homes.Sweden Mobile Database

That technology has changed our way of communicating is no longer news because we all have it quite assumed, it has changed the way we understand training, companies, jobs …, in short it has completely changed our day to day.

On the one hand WhatsApp and Telegram have replaced SMS, but they have also significantly reduced our phone calls (landlines are still there but we hardly use them).

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1. “desk”
We use a variety of social networks on a daily basis to create community, connect with people of our interest and even to start business or seek partners, we mainly get information through the Internet, we read less and less newspapers and magazines on paper because we do it through our kindle, …

Today our smartphones have partly replaced computers, totally radios, cameras that we often use with a flexible tripod that adapts to anywhere, or a selfie stick adaptable to any format ( Sweden Mobile Database) and device (IOS, Android), which allows us to do live while we go down the street or why not take a funny group photo … all integrated into a single device that we also listen to while we walk down the street via bluetooth with some Airpods


In our body we carry wereables, bracelets and watches that measure our activity, control our constants and even warn us if something is alarming. In a hospital in Valencia they have devised a bracelet that warns us in advance in case we are going to have a stroke. These wristbands and watches connect us to our networks, allow us to make and receive calls and of course answer them from the same device.

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Our laptops no longer weigh a ton, they are now convertible into tablets for visual thinking.

We use powerful webcams to incorporate into our computers for better image and sound quality in our live broadcasts, webinars or screen recordings.



We have USB memory sticks to download all the photos and all the content from our mobiles.


Infoproducers create Checkout pages and sales funnels where we monitor them through platforms such as Thrivecart, which also allows us to incorporate affiliations so that other users can help us sell our products.


But have you stopped to think how our houses have changed?

At a glance this is what can be found in a house today:

As soon as you enter the house, the first thing you find is an alarm, but not a conventional alarm, but an intelligent system that detects, photographs and records anyone who sneaks in without having entered the password. From our mobile we are able to observe what is happening in our home (very useful when we have small children in the care of third parties).

Also with the new systems, we can connect with our children’s daycare and check how they play, eat or are at any time.

But it is not necessary to give light when entering your home. Our voice assistants Google Home , Alexa … turn on smart home lights just by asking. At any time we can ask them to give us the weather forecast, find the closest restaurant with our favorite food or ask them to turn on the television and put our favorite show or series, to find us a video on Youtube, or play our favorite list of Spotify to listen to music quietly, being able to connect it in any room or take it with you if you move to a second home.

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Our televisions, in most homes, are now Smart TV (Brother Cell Phone List with internet connection), because we no longer see the programming on traditional channels, but if we still have an old flat TV, there is no problem because we also have the Fire TV Stick that allow us access to Prime Video, Netflix, Movistar, applications and games, or the Chromecast now too, how not made in China, at a cheaper price.

If we talk about smart plugs we can have remote control from anywhere to activate lamps, water heaters, fans, coffee makers … many of them have a timer.

Our blinds go up and down automatically with a switch that is also smart. . ..


But if cleaning time comes, we never cease to surprise those who visit us. Vacuum cleaners are being forgotten, most of them are being replaced by robot vacuum cleaners that map our home and are capable of cleaning and scrubbing any corner of all rooms. You are walking through the house and suddenly you come across this “silent inhabitant” who already lives with you (and from time to time gobbles up the rugs).



If we did not have enough with the floor robots, now we also have robots to clean the windows . In an intelligent way, they go through all the windows, windows and sliding doors until the crystals are impeccable.


But these are not the only robotic inhabitants that we already find at home. Pool cleaning has also become a lesser evil. Endless hours are over collecting leaves and cleaning walls and bottom. The pool robot also takes care of leaving

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