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Telecommuting, organization, time management and tools

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Telecommuting, organization, time management and tools

Last Wednesday we did a live on Instagram where we shared some keys to be able to organize ourselves better when we work at home, we have to take care of the children or grandparents and above all better manage our time and today I leave you here the summary that I hope you can use.

More than 25 years ago I worked for a company based in Italy (Norway Mobile Database), with a single headquarters in Spain in Barcelona. My first job was to start up the Madrid office and therefore I had no choice but to learn to organize myself to work from home while I found the premises, prepared it and furnished it. They spent a couple of months in these procedures until I was able to move to the new office. During these two months I worked from home with my daughter who was 5 years old and the little one who was 2 years old. Many years after that adventure, after going through other communication companies and after the crisis of 2009, I decided to undertake and since then my work is always remotely working for various companies and universities and organizing myself online with different work teams to start up strategies.

From all this I learned to organize myself, to better manage my time and to reconcile family and work.

I share with you my learnings in case they can be useful to you and the tools that I usually use to work as a team or teach online classes for multiple students.

Norway Mobile Database

Some guidelines will seem like common sense, but it is advisable to remember them in case it is the first time that you find yourself in this situation and in some moments the load exceeds you:

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Get up at a reasonable time, the excuse that you do not have to take the car, the bus or the subway to go to work only serves us to take advantage of at most one more hour of sleep, but do not get up at a thousand even if it is all one temptation.
When you get up it is essential to take a shower and take off your pajamas. In these moments more than ever, some think that if they are not going to leave the house, why are they going to take off their pajamas, which are very comfortable ?: a big mistake. The first thing we need is to maintain hygiene, but also to see ourselves well, this will improve our self-esteem.
Wear comfortable clothes , but not the typical giant tracksuit, the one with which you find yourself free from everything. This seems like bullshit is not so much if we think of some good advice that a friend gave me years ago. Very large clothes make us lose the feeling that we are getting fat. At this time when we exercise much less and eat more than necessary, it is essential to ensure that the weight does not go through the roof. If you put on a comfortable jean, that does not tighten you too much but that it does not become giant, you will see how you will have it controlled.
Take advantage of breakfast to share it with your partner or with your children, something that when we are working in a company is almost impossible.

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You have to follow some daily routines .
Even if you live, just ventilate the rooms (without creating Brother Cell Phone List) and make the bed . It is a good time for children (if they are not already) to take on that daily responsibility. It is also important to keep order in the house. When all the members of the family are stuck at home all day, disorder is generated. Cups, plates, glasses, toys, papers, computers, mobiles … avoid chaos and have the whole family collaborate to organize both private and shared spaces. Order will give us peace of mind.
Do stretching and if possible a gymnastic table . If you live in a block of flats go up and down the stairs, do not use the elevator.
If it’s early and no one is claiming you, a few minutes of meditation will clear your mind and make you better focus on your tasks.

If children are very young and wake up very early, let them entertain themselves close to you but surround them with those entertainment games and toys that they like the most. Do not plug them into the television from the moment they wake up. Games and television can be alternated throughout the day.
If the children are older they will have online class and homework. Make sure they do their homework and are not hanging on the Internet all day. Create games and activities to keep them entertained. There are many ideas that you can find on the net. Encourage them to see travel reports, history, culture, reading … it will be a good habit if they do not already have it.
If your parents are older and they are in your house there are many free entertainment for them on the Internet, but let them choose what they want to spend their time on, just as you do not impose on older children.
When you have the whole family organized, it is time for you to start your tasks without anyone bothering you. (They will surely interrupt you a lot of times, but do not lose your calm, your colleagues and your bosses will be like you and everyone understands it in this situation).
If you have a place at home, it is essential to distribute the tim

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