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The Arrogance of Technologists – Why They Should Treat End Users Like The Dummies They Are

The Arrogance of Technologists – Why They Should Treat End Users Like The Dummies They Are

Late experience and amazing article in CIO magazine make them consider a portion of the things that aren’t right about the Culture of Technology.

The article in CIO magazine “How to  numero telephone amerique Save the Internet, the amusing March 28 post (India Calling) at the Blog (I discovered them since they had pursued my “Squinting Cursor PC Security Newsletter”), my own involvement in HP Technical “Backing” and Technical Support with Western Digital about an outside hard drive all share something practically speaking.

They all feature the way that Technologists (programming and equipment organizations) don’t get the way that by far most of their shoppers are not Technologists!

One of the focuses that the CIO article (about improving the security of the Internet) makes is that Technologists should “Deal with End Users Like The Dummies They Are.”

While the portrayal might be hostile, the rule is real (perused the article).

For instance, for what reason numero telephone amerique should refreshing a PC framework’s product to upgrade security (for example Microsoft SP2) NOT be programmed? (Indeed, I realize that for SP2 as of April 12 it is – yet it’s the guideline I am examining). For what reason should a great many PCs claimed by non-Technologists be helpless against turning out to be Zombies and devices of programmers to attack and bargain different PCs?





Indeed, there ought to be a possibility for the Technologists to quit (they have more unpredictable needs), yet the default ought to moderate towards a more elevated level of security.

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