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The Catalan insurer ASC leads the emotional ranking of the sector

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The Catalan insurer ASC leads the emotional ranking of the sector

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These are the five insurers  Taiwan Phone Number List  with the greatest emotional ties
The company EMO Insights International has presented the results of its 2nd Study of Emotions in the Insurance Sector . Its purpose is to measure the emotions felt by the clients of large insurers such as Segurcaixa Adeslas, Aegon, Allianz, Asisa, ASC, AXA, Caser, Cigna, DKV, Fiatc, Generali, IMQ, Mapfre and Sanitas, as well as Social Security.

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The study has been carried out through 2,575 online interviews, with which the emotional experience lived by clients in this sector in the last year has been evaluated ; and being compared with a representative sample of pure customers who only use public health.

Elena Alfaro, CEO and Taiwan Phone Number Database  partner of EMO Insights, presented the methodology and objectives of the study: “We wanted to evaluate the emotional transformation in a very emotional sector itself, just as we did with the banking sector last April.”

Gonzalo Martín-Vivaldi, COO & partner of EMO Insights, has presented the results of the study and in his words, “the trends that health insurers must follow to differentiate themselves from their competition “.

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The insurer with the best emotional connection in the study was the Catalan insurer ASC, which leads the emotional ranking of the sector (40% of its clients are fans, compared to 0% of “opponents”).

It is closely followed by Generali and FIATC , with an emotional link above 60 points, according to the EMO Index, the thermometer that measures emotions in a range from -100 to +100. Cigna and DKV are next in the ranking with 55.2 and 53 points, respectively.

In the case of Cigna, a very well achieved position due to its high fan rate (29%) compared to a low 1% of opponents among its clients. These insurers were the five winners of the #EMOtionalFriendly Health Companies ’19 awards, with an award designed by artist Verónica Mar.

The positive emotion most experienced by health insurance users is tranquility

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