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The GSK Consumer Healthcare brand has launched a new global campaign

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The GSK Consumer Healthcare brand has launched a new global campaign

that is built under the name “The Joy of Movement” . Its deep and strong proposal is to remind the viewer that the user allows us to connect with people, which generates joy in being able to establish relationships with our closest circle.

The launch coincides with the publication of the GSK Global Pain Index (GPI) . This is the fourth edition, with which it has become a unique social study that reveals the impact of pain in our lives. To arrive at the results, more than 47,000 people have been surveyed to obtain the data, which underlines the high impact of physical and mental pain that pain has on our lives and on our body .

For James Masterson, VP and Global Brand Leader Voltaren GSK, “We have studies usa phone number database free download and knowledge gathered over the years that tell us that the consequences of bodily pain have a far-reaching impact, beyond the physical, affecting in the quality of life and emotional well-being of those who suffer it all over the world. According to Masterson, being able to control this bodily pain makes the sufferer reconnect with others. “We realized the importance of this for those who suffer and working with Publicis we wanted to make sure that we represent something that people care,” he concludes voltaren

In this way, the results of the study echo GSK Consumer Healthcare’s approach to Voltaren’s new global platform . We are faced with a strategy built under the idea that, through actions and movement, we are able to connect at a deeper level. Words are important, but we must accompany them with movement so that the result is fruitful in our personal relationships. Something that cannot happen if the person suffers or it is difficult for him to move. The only result of that situation is the remoteness of the people around us.

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Pain is a part of our life. Everyone suffers it more or less strongly. That’s why GSK Consumer Healthcare wants to help control it. Because 8 out of 10 USA Phone Number Database people move less when they feel pain according to the data and that affects their quality of life by making them more sedentary. In fact, 61% of those surveyed in the study reported that their pain made them less sociable , while 41% reported that they felt helpless .

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