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The new reality of centennials: changes in their education, personal relationships

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The new reality of centennials: changes in their education, personal relationships

and digital habits Children are the generation of the future and therefore they must be cared for and educated with special interest. We must not forget that it will be young people who in a few years will come to our jobs and complement our current functions, perhaps even improving them. Although 2020 has made the educational challenge china phone number free especially difficult due to the harsh lockdown in March that summoned an unforeseen pandemic. Added to this are the months afterwards, as we are still facing the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The youngest have been the protagonists of the Qustodio report , which they have presented at an online event and which MarketingDirecto.com has echoed to show the data studied first-hand. In this way, « Centennials: the before and after of a generation marked by COVID-19 » includes an analysis of the reality of children during the pandemic to show what has changed, what remains the same and what will never be like it again before. The results have been compiled thanks to surveys answered by parents with children between 7 and 15 years of age from five regions: Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Andalusia and Castilla y León.

The parents surveyed have mostly perceived a loss of social relationships and physical activity (the latter especially in the male gender) on the part of their children . In addition, the current situation has also affected their studies due to the need to continue with their training online. This is in addition to the high percentage of Spanish minors China Phone Number Database who have suffered lack of concentration, bad mood and aggressiveness, sleep problems, depression, weight modification and lower self-esteem during this time. The reasons may be various and, although Qustodio has not delved excessively, they have related these behaviors to less time on the street.

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Changes in the digital habits of centennials
The most prominent data in the Qustodio report is that 1 in 3 households has acquired a new device due to the Coronavirus . If we go deeper into this aspect we discover that the Top 3 of the most purchased devices would stay like this:

number of new devices per household

Regarding the consumption that we do with these devices, it has also been modified. Some companies have seen a considerable increase, with an average of 34% in terms of registrations in platforms and online entertainment services . Figure that reaches 42% in the case of Andalusia. Again, the study perceives a Top 3 of platforms with the most registered subscriptions:

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