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The Surveillance State Through the PRISM of Fiction

The Surveillance State Through the PRISM of Fiction

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the National Security Agency (NSA) utilizing Google, Apple, Skype and co to keep an eye on individuals, Orwell’s tragic exemplary 1984 shot up the Amazon deals rankings short-term. It was search phone number iran not lost on bloggers either that the NSA’s Prism reconnaissance program bears some uncanny likenesses to the 1998 activity spine chiller Enemy of the State, which depicts Your Average Citizen (Will Smith) being harassed by maverick NSA specialists furnished with observation search phone number iran capacities that knows no limits. Media guard dogs rushed to chastise The Washington Post for exaggerating the NSA observation program abilities declared by Snowden, yet the public’s gut responses and hunches about the Internet opening an indirect access to reconnaissance conditions of things to come appeared to be vindicated seven days after the fact when Snowden uncovered to The Guardian that the British government agent office GCHQ had gone much farther than the NSA. England’s supposed Tempora program takes advantage of tremendous floods of Internet and telephonic information by appending capture tests to transoceanic fiber optic links that converge on British shores.



The phantom of Orwell’s 1984 turns out to be considerably more unmistakable when you understand that Great Britain is home to the search phone number iran most CCTV observation cameras on the planet, roughly one for each every fourteen British residents and that “every individual in the nation is gotten on camera a normal of 300 times each day”. Updates on Britain’s GCHQ sneaking around on a consistent surge of worldwide Internet traffic – and offering its discoveries to its American partners at the NSA – comes hard behind disclosures that during G20 gatherings in London in 2009 global agents were fooled into utilizing s

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