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The third installment of Domino’s Originals, starring Willyrex, exceeds 2.5 million views

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The third installment of Domino’s Originals, starring Willyrex, exceeds 2.5 million views

Domino’s Pizza, Arena and Webedia release  starring youtuber Willyrex. Last Friday, March 19, Willyrex himself presented the preview of the film on the Domino’s Gaming Discord server with a group of 15 followers of the youtuber who won a raffle carried out on the brand’s Twitter, who also enjoyed a Virtual meeting with Willyrex at the end of the projection to exchange impressions.

Domino’s Originals: Willyrex is available open on and since its premiere on Friday at 10 p.m., it has accumulated more than 2 million views, having Singapore Phone Number List reached the first million in less than 24 hours since its publication. In addition, the documentary has more than 400 thousand likes , which represents a 25% likeability ratio .

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The documentary presents the story of Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, alias Willyrex , a pioneer content creator on YouTube who, at a time when everyone makes the leap to Twitch, remains faithful to the platform where he has two channels: Willyrex, with 16.7 million subscribers and TheWillyrex, with 18.6 million . The youtuber is an example of perseverance, entrepreneurship and know-how and has earned success taking care of his audience to whom he has offered videos on a Usa B2B List daily basis for 10 years, an appointment with his followers that he has rarely missed. Even the day his daughter María was born with the instagrammer  in January of this year, the youtuber updated his channel with a video that he had planned for the occasion. 

Family members and friends of Willyrex and colleagues such as LOLiTO FDEZ and Ibai Llanos, protagonists of the first two installments of this documentary series, participated in the third installment of Domino’s Originals , the influencer Paula Gonu, ElRubius, Vegetta777 or Fargan. 

Domino’s Originals bringing the history of the best-known gamers in Spain closer together

Willyrex’s documentary is the third installment of the Domino’s Originals series, a branded content project by Domino’s Gaming that was born in 2019 with the purpose of bringing the more human side of gaming closer to the human side through intimate portraits of its protagonists , showing the origins of their passion and how they got to where they are. 

Domino’s Originals tells the story of the people behind the most relevant nicks in gaming in Spain , delving into their history and personality. The purpose of Domino’s Pizza with this documentary series is to break down prejudices around video games and humanize its protagonists.

Who will star in the next installment …?

Domino’s Pizza, Arena and Webedia’s commitment to gaming

Domino’s Originals is an original idea by Webedia, developed together with Arena for Domino’s Pizza, considered as ‘the pizza of gamers’ due to its deep immersion in the territory of gaming and esports since 2014, when it became the first brand not endemic to video games in betting on esports.

Webedia is the leading digital entertainment group and has produced the documentary with the participation of several of its business areas : NOOB, a creative and innovation agency in audiovisual projects with a disruptive vocation, and VIZZ, the group’s exclusive talent representation agency. , including 3 of the 5 Twitch channels with the most audience and 4 of the 7 YouTube channels most followed in Spain.

Arena , through its specialized division Arena Play, is the agency behind the Domino’s Gaming strategy, within which the “Domino’s Originals: Willyrex” project is framed . Arena is specialized in the integration of brands in the esports and gaming ecosystem and its main purpose is to provoke transcendent, differential and value connections between the brand and the gamer community …

Arena, VIZZ and NOOB have worked together on the definition of the project and the content of the documentary, as well as on its entire activation and visibility strategy.

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