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This airline does not allow boarding its flights with shorts

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This airline does not allow boarding its flights with shorts

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) refused to let a passenger board a flight because he was wearing shorts. He was traveling from Jakarta to Istanbul and had stopped in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Sometimes they are cases of overbooking of tickets, other times due to congestion on flights or last minute changes, but that a passenger cannot fly because of wearing shorts does not have much of a history in the 21st century.

That happened to businessman Jordan Bishop , who was traveling via Saudia to Istanbul from Jakarta via Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

On October 4, when he was about to board, security personnel took him out of the boarding line and told him that he would not be able to fly if he did not change the shorts he was wearing.

Bishop, founder of Yore Oyster , said he was turned away at the door of Saudia’s flight because he was “inappropriately dressed” with “bare legs.” And that he was told that he could not board the plane unless he took cover, the protagonist posted on the site where he contributes to Forbes as a storyteller .

Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A330-343E. Bigstock.
Saudi Arabian Airlines has a dress code that passengers must adhere to and that is stricter than other airlines. This is why shorts, which in the case of other companies do not constitute a problem, are for Saudia.

Bishop said he is a regular international traveler, who often wears such an outfit, and has never been questioned before.

The Saudi airline’s official dress code, posted on its Belgium Phone Number List website, reads: “Saudia asks her guests to adhere to a dress code in line with public taste or not offensive to other passengers.”

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Jordan Bishop. Photo: Jordan Bishop’s Facebook.
Saudia is the national airline of Saudi Arabia, which follows a conservative interpretation of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism. In that country, the government imposes a strict dress code by law that requires all women to wear abaya (a long garment that covers their clothing) in public.

Airline staff told Jordan Bishop that the shorts Phone Number List were considered “unacceptable boarding attire.”

Since she had nothing to change into, as the weather in Jakarta had exceeded 40 degrees, Bishop had to buy a sarong from an airport freeshop and tied it around her waist like an ankle- length skirt.

“After this, he was allowed to board the flight,” says the Daily Mail .

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