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This is Youtube Shorts the alternative to TikTok

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This is Youtube Shorts the alternative to TikTok

A few months ago we already commented that YouTube was preparing the launch of Shorts , to compete with TikTok, in the same way that Instagram has tried to do with Reels, which has now just been launched in beta in India and will soon be launched in other countries .Germany Mobile Database

As reported by YouTube, ” Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to record short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”

At the moment the launch is taking place in beta in India, a quite logical choice since TikTok was banned in this country a few months ago, a moment that, curiously, took advantage of Facebook to immediately launch Reels in this country and thus try to drag all the tiktokes that had remained without your favorite platform overnight.

What is Youtube Shorts

What YouTube now presents to us is an initial version of the product, but once it has been tested and improved, it will be launched by the global community of users, creators and artists. In the coming months they will continue to add more features and expand it to more countries as users contribute ideas for improvement.

How is Youtube Short

What tools does Youtube Short have at this time:

A multi-segment camera to chain multiple video clips together,
The option to record with music from a huge library of songs that will continue to grow,
Speed ​​controls that give you the flexibility to be creative in your performance,
And a timer and countdown for easy, hands-free recording.
How Youtube Shorts works

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Android users in India will find in their Youtube apps a new Germany Mobile Database prominent place for the creation icon on Android. Soon it will also be on IOS.

The trick that YouTube plays is the number of users of its platform that exceeds 2,000 million viewers , the creators have built companies around YouTube and the intention is that the new creators do the same around YouTube Reels.

Short still has a long way to go to look like TikTok.

At first glance Shorts is much more similar to Reels and they lack what really hooks TikTok users:

Be able to record as long as you want (Brother Cell Phone List) without limiting the duration to 15 seconds,
The duos between TikTok users
Being able to copy and paste a fragment of another video, which does not exist on these two platforms.
In TikTok live, users can give gifts to creators
The filters and effects of TikTok are endless and every day they add new ones.
The beauty effect something highly appreciated by users.
Be able to make transitions by stopping the camera at the precise moment
TikTok has a creator pool where it “pays” small sums of money to creators by number of views and interactions (to users in the US and Europe who meet the requirements)
TikTok Creators to be able to work with commercial brands directly.
TikTok Market Place where brand and creators can create together.
In short, a lot of features that I do not think are easy to implement in the short term, but we will see what happens in the coming months, we will be very attentive to see who wins this battle to stay with users if TikTok, Reels or Short.

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