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TikTok: 27 Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

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TikTok: 27 Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks that I have been learning from TikTok in recent months using my account in a professional way.Romania Mobile Database

If there is a network that is giving people talk lately, it is undoubtedly Tik Tok. I think that until now I have not seen any social network that with more than 800,000 active users at the moment produces so much love and hate in equal parts.

The first myth to banish is that TikTok is only used by teens.

Although it is true that there is a percentage of 20% of adolescent users , the statistics show us a much broader audience profile that places 59% of the audience between 20 and 40 years (data shared by The Coktail Marketing )

20% of users are under 19 years of age
32% of users are between 20 and 24 years old
27% of users are people between 30 and 40 years old
Mainly young people between 13 and 18 years old are more active in this application
The 55% of users are women and 45% are men
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Perhaps those who have entered TikTok a few times have only seen teenagers dancing reggaeton with little clothes (there are and many), but those of us who regularly use this network know that there is a lot of valuable content and that, if you configure what you want to see, you can have a very interesting network.

The contents on Tik Tok are very diverse: travel, animals, magic, Romania Mobile Database humor, marketing, fashion, motivation, medicine, psychology, photography tricks, tricks for Instagram, Youtube, TikTok … and thus I could continue defining topics that we can find daily, without the need to find ourselves the dances and nonsense that many think, without knowing, for not knowing this social network thoroughly.

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But we are going with some basic tips and some more advanced ones:

There are public and private accounts, but even if an account is public, you can also put private videos.
The length of the videos can be from 15 seconds to 1 minute and record at different speeds.
You can record video directly from the App using pauses, to record different moments, and you can also upload videos from your mobile gallery.
You can edit the videos for example if they are longer than a minute select the fragment of the video you want to share.
You can also create a video with multiple images, edit and sync multiple videos.
To record it is not necessary that you constantly press the record button, just use the timer that appears in the right column and select the seconds to start recording.
The record button can be discontinuous , that is, you can record a stop fragment, record another stop fragment and so on until you have finished composing your video. This is very useful for making video transitions.
Tik Tok not only allows you to include music, stickers, effects … but you can also put texts on the video with a time lapse between each text simply by clicking on the text and on over editing click to decide when you want each text to appear.
It also has zoom , so if you want to use it while recording, just slide the record button up and it will zoom in or out.
You can use the flash if you need more light just by pressing the button.
In Tik Tok you can broadcast live (live) but only when you exceed 1,000 followers.
You can create creations with other users , even if you do not know anything, through the screen, both by clicking on reactions and duets when you have chosen a video of that person. (not all users have this option configured)
You can also sing a piece of a song like karaoke . Simply by clicking on music in the upper part and then in the right column you press the note with scissors. There you can cut out the passage you want to sing. This option is not working very well, but if you like it go ahead.
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14.- Posts with hashtags can have a spectacular Brother Cell Phone List reach. In my account there are videos with thousands of views up to 1,300,000, with I like that they can go from 500 to exceed 235,000, or go from having or comments to exceeding 1,300 and even exceeding 3,000 shares.

15.- The best time to publish, at least in my case, is between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., which is when the community is most active.

16.- The ideal number of hashtags can be between 5 and 7 , I do not recommend that you include many more so that it does not penalize you. As on Instagram, there are influencers who use them, but if you are not known, better use them to have a greater reach.

17.- You can save the publications in draft before publishing them and then you can edit the text and hashtags whenever you want.

18.- You can also upload video from your own gallery and add music, text, stickers, styles, effects …

19.- You can download animated photos and gifs of any video, send it through any social network.

20.- You can have a free PRO profile that are the profiles of creators like those of Instagram. This profile allows you to access your account statistics. Here I will tell you the steps you have to take to get your PRO profile.

21.- If you want to see how many times

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